Love Island fans are convinced something was cut from Georgia’s fight with Dani

Viewers are wondering if Georgia did something to provoke her friends


Georgia and Sam may have swerved getting cut from the Love Island cast, but viewers have claimed something big was still dropped from last night’s show. Specifically, something during Georgia’s argument with Dani.


It started with Dani confronting Georgia about her and Sam’s decision to break up and stay on the island as singletons: “You two have made the decision to stay in here, be single and get to know other people. I don’t think you’ve actually realised what you have done.”

And soon Dani went full Danny Dyer: “I think you made a stupid f***ing decision. you’re going to be crying, George, and you’re gonna be upset. I’m not an idiot, you will.”

Georgia’s muttered response: “What the f***? We’ve got to pretend we’re not into each other now?”

After Dani told Georgia to “bore off”, the latter rose to her feet and walked away without a word.

But is that what really happened? Some viewers have theorised Georgia said something to Dani as she walked off, which suddenly provoked a usually-cool Jack to exclaim ‘She’s a little s***!”

Some have even speculated that Georgia threw her drink over Dani. The evidence? Georgia’s cup appears partly full of red liquid at the start of the conversation but becomes empty without her drinking it – although she could have been sipping in moments edited out of the final footage.

Other viewers said they could see Dani wiping her arm at one point, too – the plot thickens…

Of course, this isn’t the only scene to be accused of Love Island fakery of late. Not only was THAT kiss between Georgia and Jack apparently filmed twice, but fans were sceptical of exactly why new contestant Idris told Laura about the moment.

Shocking: if we can’t trust reality TV then what can we trust?


Love Island continues 9pm tonight, ITV2