Danny Dyer endeared himself to a nation with a raging Brexit tirade on Thursday's Good Evening Britain.


The EastEnders actor twice called former PM David Cameron a "t***", and referred to Brexit as a "mad riddle" in front of a bizarre panel of celebrities including Pamela Anderson and Jeremy Corbyn, who were left with mouths agape.

"This whole Brexit thing… who knows about Brexit? No-one's got a f***ing clue what Brexit is," he said, as the Labour leader looked on. "You watch Question Time. No-one knows what it is! It's like this mad riddle that no-one knows what it is."

Then he took aim specifically at Cameron: "So, what's happened to that t*** David Cameron who brought it on? He can scuttle off, but he brought all of this on. Where is he? Is he in Europe with his trotters up?! Where is the geezer? He should be held account for it! Where?! T***!"

Check out a clip of the rant below.

Susanna Reid's face says it all:

Dyer's new fans may have a change of heart, however, when they learn that he actually voted to leave the European Union back in 2016.

"I’m gonna be straight with you: I voted Leave and I tell you why – because I’m f***ing sick of politicians doing f*** all," he told The Telegraph. "They don’t do anything. They talk talk talk talk talk… Now, whether leaving Europe is going to work out for the best or the worst, I don’t know but let’s make these politicians f***ing do something.”

But Brexit didn't inspire Dyer's only brilliant moment on ITV's post-football broadcast. He also managed to shut Piers Morgan up, as the host attempted to backtrack on his assertion that all Love Island contestants are "braindead zombies". Dyer, whose daughter Dani is in the Love Island Villa this series, did not look amused.

"Just stop talking, Piers," said the actor, before the broadcaster offered a weak apology. Check the clip out below.


Frankly, Piers is lucky he didn't get nutted.

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