They’ve only known each other for a week, since meeting at Casa Amor last Monday, but it looks like Callum Jones’ feelings for Molly Smith might be serious.


So much so, he’s already thinking of making her his girlfriend. In a preview clip for tonight’s episode, the 23-year-old scaffolder hints that he could pop the question to Molly after Finley Tapp asked Paige Turley to be his girlfriend.

As the islanders celebrate Paige and Finn becoming official, Molly can be heard saying to Siannise Fudge: “That’ll be you next.”

Overhearing, Callum then says to her: “Might even be me.”

But little does Callum know, his ex Shaughna Phillips – who he was coupled up with for three weeks – has heard the whole thing and she’s fuming.

“You’ll never guess what I just heard,” she tells her pal Paige.

“Let’s go,” Paige then says and the girls walk off together.

“I just heard Molly say to Siannise, ‘It’ll be you next’ and Callum said, ‘No it’ll be me,” Shaughna continues, as Paige gasps. “That’s muggy isn’t it,” she adds.

And Shaughna just can’t seem to get over it, as she tells Paige during the challenge the next day: “She [Molly] doesn’t deserve him, she deserves better.”

The teaser clip also reveals that one couple would be dumped from the island, following a public vote.

As the islanders gathered around the fire pit, Luke Mabbott read out a text. “Islanders, the public have been voting for their favourite couple," he says.

But of course, the clip ends before revealing which couple pulled in the fewest amount of votes and will be dumped from the island!

So, which couple will be sent packing?


Love Island airs weeknights and Sundays on ITV2 at 9pm