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22 tweets that sum up the Love Island launch

The drama has kicked off from day dot

Published: Tuesday, 4th June 2019 at 11:08 am

The opening episode saw a social media faux-pas, the start of a very sticky love triangle and the beginning of the nation’s obsession with Tommy Fury.

Here’s what we all thought of Love Island last night – through the medium of Twitter.

1. We must protect Yewande at all costs

Guys, we’ve found this year’s villa hero. The gorgeous Yewande instantly won hearts thanks to her Irish charm, big brain (she’s been at uni since she was 16) and sense of perspective (shrugging off not being picked by saying, "It’s not like the sky has fallen down")

And we’re now rooting for her and Michael (firefighter-cum-biochemist) to take the whole competition – from day dot.

2. We have our new Love Island catchphrase…

Love Island is infamous for its lingo, and has spawned a bevy of catchphrases that have infiltrated our day-to-day life (“my type on paper”, “muggy”, “did you know I was in Blazin’ Squad?” to name but a few).

This year, we’ve seemingly found a new one already after Sherif shrugged off being pied by Amber and being left on the subs bench – immortally announcing “It is what it is.”

The same thing then happened to Michael, who came up with an identical response. All in all, the phrase must have been used... let's say, 19 times, during the episode.

Coming to a t-shirt near you…

3. …and it’s definitely not bev

New Islander Lucie is keen to bring her own lingo to the villa, instantly calling pretty much every single man that walked in a ‘bev’ – no, not a drink, ‘bev’ in Lucie’s terms means a good-looking man.

But while bev is taking on a life of its own at the villa, we’re not so keen on making ‘bev’ happen.

4. Anton’s “medical condition” has struck on day one

Anton previously joked about his “medical condition” of having a “wandering eye” and “struggling to stay loyal” – but none of us guessed he’d start looking elsewhere on day one.

After partnering up with the lovely Amy, he then decided to try his luck with a noticeably uninterested Lucie.

Cue awkwardness.

5. Ringside seats for Tommy Fury

The episode ended with the arrival of our villa bombshells – ballroom dancer Curtis Pritchard and boxer Tommy Fury.

There was mild interest in Curtis – but it was Tommy who won everyone’s heart (including mine, no shame).


Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV 2


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