Here’s what to expect from the first episode of Love Island

A love triangle, unexpected bombshells and a social media faux pas - and that's just day one

Love island 2019

Prepare yourself for sun-kissed romances, plenty of slow-motion strutting and a LOT of muggy behaviour: Love Island 2019 is BACK! And there’s already plenty to discuss, from this year’s first coupling, to a new love triangle and the arrival of two bombshells.


Here’s everything that goes down in the villa during day one…

The Islanders couple up for the first time


Yes, it’s that time of year again: the first Love Island coupling ceremony of the summer. And, like previous years, it’s the girls in charge, with Amber, Amy, Anna, Yewande and Lucie getting their pick of the boys.

Once again, host Caroline Flack will ask them to step forward if they’re interested in the boy in front of them. If two girls step forward? The guy will get to choose between them. If nobody steps forward? The guy will have to wait on the sidelines for another shot at finding a partner.

But here’s the good news: by the end of the ceremony, all five girls will end up in a couple. The bad news: two new Islanders will soon enter the villa and (hopefully) cause havoc to these pairings.

Two new bombshells enter the villa


They’re called Curtis Pritchard and Tommy Fury. And they’re already pretty famous. Well, their brothers are. While Tommy Fury is sibling to boxer Tyson Fury (and also a boxer himself), Curtis Pritchard is Strictly Come Dancing professional AJ Pritchard’s brother (and it feels only fair to point out that he’s a professional dancing pro on Ireland’s Dancing with the Stars).

As you might have guessed, their arrival causes quite a stir. “Nobody was expecting that! Like nobody at all,” says Michael, presumably forgetting Love Island has pulled out pretty much the same twist the previous four years.

Michael, clearly an avid Love Island fan
Top Love Island fan Michael

Their entrance also causes surfer girl Lucie to turn her head. “There have been bevs coming in everywhere and then two guys come in… who are also bevs!” she says to the Beach Hut.

In case you’re wondering, ‘bev’ is Lucie’s word for ‘hot guy’. It’s probably not the first time we’ll have to say this: Lucie, stop trying to make bevs happen. It’s not going to happen.

Several of the boys try to graft Lucie


During the episode, Lucie becomes popular with the guys (NOT bevs), with Joe and Anton competing for her affection.

And, in true Love Island style, this is more awkward than it sounds. While Joe tries to book in a surfing lesson with her in Cornwall, Anton straight out tells Lucie: “My initial attraction was towards you… I wanted to see if you’re attracted to me.”

Lucy, ever the wordsmith, replies: “You walked in and we were all like ‘Oh my God, look at him’. You’re very good looking.”

Will Lucie settle on Anton or Joe? Or will she crack on with one of the new arrivals?

Yewande and Michael have a “meeting of minds”

Well, that’s how ITV2 are billing it.


If you’ve tuned in for some sizzling chemistry in Love Island 2019’s debut show then prepare to be, um, a tad underwhelmed.

We’re not saying there’s a lack of sparks between the Islanders in episode one, but we will say ITV2 will give airtime to the following conversation between scientist Yewande and firefighter Michael.

Yewande says: ‘I’m a scientist. A biologist. I studied a bio-technology degree.’

Michael replies: ‘That’s quite interesting because I did bio medical science at uni.’

Shocked at this revelation, Yewande says: ‘Did you? That’s class!’

Somebody douse those flames before things get too heated!

Also expect…

  • A game of ‘Never Have I Ever’. In which Sherif reveals he’s cheated in two of his four relationships.
  • Sherif makes a brilliant social media faux pas. You know it’s not best to mention you’ve already searched through somebody’s social media when meeting them? Sherif doesn’t. In episode one, he tells Anna he’s already familiar with the pharmacist from her Instagram.
Current mood
Sherif, soon to be “that guy off of the Love Island memes”

Love Island continues on Tuesday at 9pm on ITV2