Love Island’s Megan snogs Wes after ‘calling it quits’ with Eyal

Laura is going to have a *lot* to say about this

Megan and Wes on Love Island 2018

Just when we were starting to think all of the couples on Love Island were (relatively) happy and settled (well, apart from Alex and Ellie), tonight things are hotting up and set to get explosive between – of all people – Megan and Wes!


At the end of Monday night’s episode, the trail for Tuesday’s show had Megan snogging Wes in a game and then taking him aside for a chat, despite the fact that Wes is coupled up with Laura – and has been from day one.

In the clip, narrator Iain Stirling hints that “someone’s calling it quits”, as the action focusses on Megan and Eyal having a heart-to-heart.

“We’re not compatible in that way,” Megan says to Eyal, who retorts: “I’m honestly not going to stand for that because I think it’s f**king out of order”.

Megan then hits back with a “you’re f**king rude”, before the pair go their separate ways.

We then see Megan and Wes alone at the fire pit, as she confesses to him: “I just feel like I keep gravitating to you because I feel like I can have fun with you…”

Megan and Wes on Love Island 2018
Megan and Wes on Love Island 2018 (ITV)

Which is probably no coincidence given that for the past few days she’s been saying she doesn’t think Eyal is playful enough, with them both questioning whether they have enough fun in the villa together.

Later on, a game in the garden sees Megan declaring “I’m going to kiss Wes”, and the pair have a full-on smooch.

Judging by Wes’s face, he’s loving it. He can barely contain a smile mid-snog!

Megan and Wes on Love Island 2018
Megan and Wes on Love Island 2018 (ITV)

And Laura, well…

Laura on Love Island 2018
Laura on Love Island 2018 (ITV)

We’re sure Laura’s going to have a lot to say about this.

Meanwhile, it was also hinted that viewers are going to have the chance to get their say on who stays and who leaves the villa. This is what we know so far about the imminent Flack Attack


Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2

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