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This could be the bombshell Caroline Flack is about to drop on the Love Island villa

A Flack Attack is imminent – but what's about to happen?

Caroline Flack on Love Island
Published: Wednesday, 27th June 2018 at 10:15 am

If you thought that Love Island had been light on drama so far, things in the villa are about to go OFF.


On Sunday night's episode of Aftersun, it was revealed that Caroline Flack is headed to Spain to deliver a Flack Attack, but what bombshell is she about to drop?

Well on Tuesday night's episode viewers were told they had to vote for their favourite couples, and those with the least love from the public would be "at risk of being dumped".

According to sources, something big is definitely in store for the islanders – and Caroline will most likely be seen on screen delivering the shock news in Wednesday night's episode.

Producers are yet to firm up precisely what is going to happen, but it could be similar to last year's twist. After viewers were asked to vote for their favourite couples in the villa, it could mean that one or more islanders are going to be exiting the island. Whether that's a couple or one or more people from different couples remains to be seen.

The result of a public vote could then see the other islanders having to choose who leaves. For example, this could mean the boys have to pick one girl to leave the villa out of the three girls voted the least popular by the public – or vice versa.

Which would potentially mean one girl and one boy leaves, possibly splitting up not one but two couples – shock horror!

OR the islanders could be tasked with deciding which couple should leave the villa.

Although it's yet to be confirmed exactly what's going to happen, one thing seems certain: we'll be losing one or more islanders this week.


Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2


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