Love Island viewers are loving this bonus clip of Dr Alex learning lad lingo

The A&E doctor learnt all about 'sort' and 'peng' from Jack

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You know those thin French pastries that look like pancakes? Crêpes? How do you pronounce them: cray-ps or creps?


That’s the all-important question posed to Love Island fans after watching a chat about ‘lad lingo’ between Jack and Alex. On last night’s recap show The Weekly Hot List, which features cut footage from the last week in the villa, the two discussed the meaning of ‘sort’, ‘peng’ (seriously attractive), ‘chirpsing’ (flirting) and, most importantly, ‘crep’.

While Dani Dyer’s white-toothed partner argued ‘creps’ means a pair of trainers and ‘cray-ps’ refers to the pastry, Dr Alex argued that ‘creps’ is only a word for the food*. “I think a ‘crep’ is quite clearly basically like a pancake with chocolate in it,” he told the Beach Hut.

And for many viewers at home, this was the highlight of their Love Island week…

So, was there anything else Love Island viewers who didn’t watch The Weekly Hot List missed out on? If you include a terrified Samira being chased out of the pool by a wasp, absolutely.

However, if it’s re-coupling gossip and all-consuming drama you’re after then you’ll have to wait for the main show to air tonight.

Love Island returns 9pm Sunday on ITV2


*RadioTimes can categorically confirm that a ‘crep’ is indeed a crêpe (­i.e. a pastry) and never EVER a shoe.

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