‘Ellie doesn’t owe Alex anything’: viewers divided over Love Island confrontation

As the pair went head to head in a heated argument, fans were split as to whether Ellie or Alex was in the right

Alex and Ellie argue in Love Island

Although Love Island fans have been firmly on Dr Alex’s side since day one, his confrontation with Ellie has left viewers divided.


Monday night’s episode saw the new pair arguing, with Alex confronting Ellie, telling her that she had put no effort in with him since the recoupling.

However, she hit back, saying she just wasn’t into him – and that it wasn’t her fault she didn’t find him attractive.

There were plenty of people on Twitter saying the argument had revealed a different side to the A&E doctor:

Some thought Alex was irrationally angry…

Some have accused him of game-playing…


Some viewers thought Alex might (wrongly) think he’s got the public’s support…

Although many viewers were still firmly Team Alex:

Some thought Ellie was the one playing games…


Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2