Oh, what difference a season makes!


Bre Tiesi famously made her Selling Sunset debut in season 6 as one of the six mothers of Nick Cannon's children, causing tension between her and Chelsea Lazkani. Nevertheless, she stuck it out and brought many of her celebrity clients onto the show, one of whom was rapper Saweetie.

One season later and it looks like Bre could be about cut ties with The Oppenheim Group and the Netflix show.

Towards the end of season 7, Bre shared her thoughts about the higher commission at the brokerage, and asked Jason Oppenheim if she'd be able to reduce this so that she'd take home more of the money, like at her old firm. However, Jason wasn't willing to budge on this, insisting that all agents have the same split.

Bre managed to make it to the new office party, however, things soon kicked off between her and new girl Cassandra, causing her to storm out of the event, shouting: "I'm done with this whole f***ing s*** I'm sick of this s***!"

She added: "F*** the show. F*** this f***ing office!"

Bre's dramatic exit has had many fans wondering whether she has quit Selling Sunset.

Read on for everything we know so far.

Is Bre Tiesi leaving Selling Sunset?

Selling Sunset stars Chrishell and Bre during season 7 of the Netflix show
Selling Sunset stars Chrishell and Bre. Netflix

Netflix are yet to confirm whether Bre Tiesi has left the show or The Oppenheim Group, but based on season 7 it looks like Bre could be well on her way out.

As well as not getting on with new girl Cassandra Dawn, who claimed to have worked with her in the past, and her ongoing problems with Chelsea Lazkani, Bre had issues with the commission split at the O Group.

She decided to visit Jason at the new Selling Sunset office, asking for a better split of the commission.

While Bre had a 90/10 split at her previous firm, the O Group offers a 80/20 split, with the brokerage taking 20 per cent of the cut.

"We're not a typical brokerage," Jason insisted, telling Bre she'd be more "successful" there than at any other brokerage.

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Bre then opened up about the office domestics, with Jason saying: "I didn't know the Chelsea situation was that bad. I certainly wouldn't want you leaving the brokerage because of the acts of one of the other agents, and I want you to stay, but the commission split is not negotiable."

Speaking to the cameras, Bre said: "I've had enough, I'm a one woman show, these are my clients, my people, I did all of this on my own.

"I deserve way more than I'm making to put up with that s***."

Jason asked Bre to consider the commission, saying that she'd be able to earn more there in the long run as he'd put her onto listings once she started to "produce".

"I don't know if I can accept that. I can't walk away from that much money. It's a lot of money. It's a huge difference in your commission," she explained.

She added: "I don't know if I'm going to come to grips with that, so I think, on that note, I'm going to head home. I'm not sure this is for me!"

Selling Sunset stars Mary, Nicole, Chrishell and Chelsea ringing the bell at the new Oppenheim Group offices during the season 7 finale
Selling Sunset stars Mary, Nicole, Chrishell and Chelsea. Netflix

Despite the disagreement, Bre later made it to the anniversary party, but things kicked off when Chelsea walked over with Cassandra.

Cassandra then questioned Bre about her attitude towards her, to which she responded: "I have an attitude. Why are you so pressed that we're friends?"

The conversation soon got heated, with Cassandra hinting that she knew people who had worked with Bre and didn't have good things to say about her.

Cassandra got up to leave and Bre turned her attention to Chelsea, saying: "Why are you forcing her on me?"

Chelsea then tried to dissolve the situation, asking Bre to just be "nice", which only irritated Bre even more.

"I'm done with her s*** and she really needs to f*** all the way off because gloves are off at this point," she told the cameras.

As Chelsea tried to get her to be "friendly", Bre raised her voice, saying: "I'm not a friendly a** b**** ... and I don't need to be that way!"

She added: "I'm sick of this s***! F*** all this s***. Are you f***ing kidding me. I'm done with this whole f***ing s*** I'm sick of this s***."

She then stood up and left the office building, telling Emma Hernan, who chased after her: "F*** the show. F*** this f***ing office."

Taking off her mic as she headed to the car, she added: "She wants to attack me? I'm coming for f***ing everybody!"

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