I’m a Celebrity recap Day 9: conflict is brewing in the camp – but Iain and Stanley’s fight was still the tamest Amir has ever seen

The boys were pitted against the girls in an all-day challenge

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As if there wasn’t enough going on in the world at the moment to divide the sexes, the I’m a Celeb producers decided to pit the boys against the girls in an all-day challenge on day 9.


After the boys had won yesterday’s live challenge, Dennis Wise and Jamie Lomas were handed a head start against Rebekah Vardy and Shappi Khorshandi as they raced to a win a massive feast for their fellow campmates.

There was fallout on both sides, as Rebekah Vardy and Shappi Khorshandi nipped at each other passive aggressively en route, while back at the camp Iain Lee and 72-year-old Stanley Johnson bickered over which one of them was more obstinate than the other. The irony…

Dennis and Jamie ultimately emerged victorious, meaning the boys finished the episode feasting like kings, as the girls struggled through yet more rice and beans.

Here’s everything else that happened on I’m A Celebrity.

Kezia Dugdale took her campmates to task for not pulling their weight

A latecomer to the series, it didn’t take the Scottish Labour politician long to make her mark on the camp. Early in the episode, she called out The Saturdays’ Vanessa White for not cleaning the pots properly – and requested it be done again. Vanessa, stoney faced, let it go – for now…

Iain and Stanley fell out over a poorly managed task

Less than 24 hours after sharing an intimate moment with a pig’s testicle, Iain and Stanley’s honeymoon ended as they crashed to defeat in a rock-counting task against the girls.

Iain felt he and Amir should have been left to count on their own, while Stanley reckoned that Iain’s system was no good. With hunger gnawing at them, their chat bubbled over from passive aggressive bickering to a downright squabble.

“You are the most obstinate man I’ve ever met,” Iain told him.

And Amir didn’t know how to react

You had to feel for Amir, a man who built a career out of actually punching people in the face, as he sat awkwardly between his campmates Iain and Stanley as they threw mild-mannered insults at one another like two posh schoolboys.

He had no idea what to do with himself:

We’ve all been there, Amir.

An unofficial revolt against PM Stanley is brewing

Though Iain took it upon himself to be the bigger man and apologised to the former Conservative MP, there still seems to be some hard feelings lingering in the air.

Earlier in the day he had questioned the camp’s devotion to the “cult of Stanley”, which Toff laughed off, rather unconvincingly: “It’s not a cult”.

And Kezia seems to be right there with him, saying that she had been glad to see a “check and balance on Stanley’s power”.

Rebekah was a sore loser

Rebekah Vardy did not win many fans tonight. She began the episode complaining to Shappi that the other girls had let them down by losing yesterday’s live trial, and finished it complaining to the other girls that Shappi had not pulled her weight during their challenge.

Shappi did spend a lot of time faffing about with her pack (and even packed her helmet into it):

But Rebekah was pretty hard on her, and refused to listen to her cries for help as she struggled to swim with an ill-fitting helmet.

Shappi then came out with the understatement of the year: “Me and becky deal with losing in very different ways”.

Iain Lee will take on tomorrow’s Space Your Fears trial

… and Stanley is once again ruled out for health reasons.


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