The Daily Drop host Vick Hope reveals her predictions for I’m A Celebrity’s 2020 winner

The host of I'm A Celeb's spin-off show tells who she thinks will be crowned King or Queen of the Castle.

Vick Hope

As we head into week three of I’m A Celebrity‘s 2020 series, there’s just one question on everybody’s lips – which celebrity is going to be crowned the show’s very first King or Queen of the Castle?


Hazarding a guess herself is Vick Hope – the presenter of spin-off show The Daily Drop – who recently revealed to which campmates she thinks will make it to the I’m A Celebrity 2020 final.

“I have changed what I thought a few times because in the first week, you have certain standouts and you’re like, ‘Yeah, they’ve got it,’ but then you forget that three weeks is quite a long time and things can change drastically,” she said. “And people who standout in week one might not hold that same position come beginning of week three.”

“I think my final is likely to include Shane Richie, Jordan North and Mo Farah.”

However she added that the competition was also “anyones to win at this stage” as so much could change in the last week of the competition, before finally settling on a handful of names.

“People who could win – I think Mo, I think Jordan, I think Shane, I think Bev. I think Giovanna could – she’s just been elected camp leader and she’s on a good trajectory,” she added.

The BBC Radio 1 DJ began hosting ITV Hub’s Daily Drop earlier this month, after the show replaced I’m A Celeb’s previous spin-off Extra Camp.

When asked whether she’d be tempted to take part in a future series herself, Hope said: “Look, I’m always tempted. I’ve been asked a couple of times. It’s an amazing show, it’s an amazing experience and I love to challenge myself and try out new things.”

“So for sure, I would never say never but I would likely wait. I don’t think it’s something that I’m going to do anytime soon,” she added. “I love that show so much. I would love to continue being a part of it and one day, who knows, maybe I will be eating lambs’ testicles but I think we might have to wait a bit before I do that.”

The current series of I’m A Celebrity saw its first two eliminations over the weekend, with Hollie Arnold and Ruthie Henshall being voted out of the competition.


Vick Hope is presenting I’m A Celebrity…The Daily Drop everyday on ITV 2 at 5.30pm. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide.