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AJ and Shane take on latest I'm a Celebrity trial – how did they do?

Did the camp eat like kings and queens?

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Published: Friday, 27th November 2020 at 9:58 pm

It was AJ Pritchard and Shane Richie (four in a row for Shane) to face the latest I'm a Celebrity 2020 trial - this one being delightfully dubbed the "Chamber of Horrors".


And horrors were indeed awaiting the pair as they found themselves each with their head stuck in a box while they had to take turns unscrewing stars with their tongues. It was a great choice (well-played viewers) putting these two up for it when there were tensions there between them in camp – over the washing up in case you missed it.

But as they faced a race against the clock and a real test of their mettle, how did they do?

Well, Shane is a pro by now already, having perfected the "tongue unscrew" a few nights ago. He once again did well despite declaring himself to be "broken" while AJ was the more nervous of the two - not reacting well to the addition of 25 scorpions.

AJ Pritchard

There were signs of tension between the pair with AJ not wishing to take Shane's advice to think of Ann Widdicombe while he was speed-spinning with his tongue (he choose to picture his girlfriend) but the stress may have been more at the situation rather than each other.

The snakes being put on their heads proved to be troublesome and it was that round where they missed out on a star when AJ did not leave Shane enough time to complete his star-spin. But it was the rats that gave us the best reaction with AJ, in particular, making rat-like squeaks himself as the rodents surrounded him.

But in the end, it was an 11-star win which left the camp happy that they would be eating again after the previous night's four-star haul. While a victory, Shane seemed to be very stern about not wanting to do another trial - luckily for him, the viewer trial votes are now over.

Elsewhere in the castle, tonight saw Vernon Kay and Mo Farah dressed as Robin Hood and Friar Tuck for today's challenge that saw them armed with bow and arrows with targets to hit. While it was sad for them that the camp guessed the wrong answer and Kiosk Cledwyn closed up his shutters, leaving them with nothing, it was worth it for the sight of the two of them glumly sulking off into the night in their outrageous outfits - TV gold.


I'm a Celebrity continues tomorrow night (Saturday, 28th November) at 8:30pm on ITV. If you're looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide.


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