If you loved Netflix's Love Is Blind, well then new dating show Faraway Bae might be for you.


The series will see LIB's unlucky lover, Diamond Jack, put through her paces in a dating marathon.

Hosted by The Circle US winner Joey Sasso, viewers will watch as Diamond is put on six individual dates across the course of a week.

The show will also have a bit of a game show vibe as each night will end with an elimination. As well as this, Faraway Bae will allow the audience to get involved through social media app TVCO which is being described as ‘interactive social destination for television content’. With the app, viewers will be able to ask the host questions live and will have the power to select dates.

So when is it on? Here's everything you need to know.

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When is Faraway Bae on?

Faraway Bae premieres Sunday, August 9th on social media app TVCO.

Diamond is hoping to find love with the help of Joey.

She said in a statement to EW: "As everyone knows, I’m all in favour of unconventional dating experiences and I have seen firsthand that they can work. ‘I can’t wait for Joey and the live audience to help me find my soulmate."

What happened to Diamond on Love Is Blind?

Love Is Blind
Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton Netflix

Fans will remember the cheerleader from her stint on the Netflix series, which sees people dating in pods and getting engaged before meeting in real life.

Diamond wasn't very lucky in love on the show.

She fell for Carlton Morton in the pods and they got engaged. But when they met in real life and went away to Mexico, things soon turned sour.

Carlton felt that it was the right time to tell his fiancée that he’d previously dated people of “both genders”, however, Diamond found this difficult to process and believed she should have been told earlier.

As a result, the pair decided to end the experiment and leave the show as singles, but not before they had a very heated exchange by the pool.

Diamond threw her drink in Carlton's face and then he told her that her wig had been "sliding from day one", so she fired back a Beyonce quote like a true queen. It's safe to say that didn't go well.

Nevertheless, they buried the hatchet and the Love Is Blind reunion, so it's all good now and Di can find a new man!

Some of the other couples lasted a little longer than Diamond and Carlton - here's where the Love Is Blind couples are now.

Love Is Blind Diamond
Diamond and Carlton got into a very heated exchange on the Netflix series. Netflix

Is there a trailer for Faraway Bae?

There sure is! You can watch it below.


Faraway Bae airs on August 9th on social media app TVCO. To see what’s on right now, remember to check out our TV Guide.