Irish superstar Daniel O'Donnell is doing Strictly. And it seems like the whole of Ireland is behind him.


The performer, who was the first artist to have a different album in the British charts every year for 25 consecutive years, sure has a lot of fans rooting for him. And he's relying on them supporting him through the trials and tribulations of Strictly Come Dancing.

"I hope they’ll keep me in a while," he told us earlier this week.

"But at the end of the day I do think the dancing wins in the end," the 53-year-old star added. "Even though you have people who have been fun and people like their personalities, I think as the weeks go on the standard of the dancing of the celebrities raises so much."

Of his journey so far, O'Donnell says he's "excited and terrified... Sometimes I just think, ‘Oh my god, what are we going to do here?’ but then it’s very enjoyable."

"I think the hardest thing is to let yourself go on the dance floor," he admits, revealing that he is trying to follow the words of wisdom given to him by a former contestant: "I’ve had a wee bit of advice from Nicky Byrne who said just go for it and embrace it."

So that's what O'Donnell's trying to do. Even when it doesn't quite go to plan...

"Last week they showed us the jive, the cha cha cha, the waltz, the charleston. It was like, you know those races where you put ducks into water and they float away? I mean, well, my duck just stuck. They were all away ahead of me."

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