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Big Brother Timebomb: meet Kieran McLeod

The 30-year-old radio DJ and aspiring celebrity from Birmingham is ready to be a team player in the house, as long as the rest of his housemates clean up after themselves properly...

Published: Tuesday, 12th May 2015 at 7:30 pm

Name: Kieran McLeod


Age: 30

Twitter: @Kmsonline

Loves: Celebrities, winning and bringing out the natural beauty in others 

Hates: Unhygienic and lazy people

Fun fact: He thinks he is most like former housemate Perez Hilton "because he was loud, confident and he entertained" 

He says:

To be honest it is a great opportunity to get a stepping stone and get more exposure to make a path for myself. It could be presenting work, acting work, reality work. I've started my own entity, KMS, which is the Kieran McLeod show. 

I am single, but am I looking for love? It would be more like lust! 

I am going to win. Would I step on anyone's toes? The nice ones always finish last so if you have to step on some toes then sometimes you have to do it in life. Nine times out of ten I probably would. 

Almost famous: Kieran hosts his own weekly radio show - and posts sketches online for the world to enjoy. 

See him button and unbutton some jackets here:

Here's his audition tape for a presenting job. No word on whether he was the successful candidate...


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