Amber and Amy won’t be dumped on Love Island tonight

Regardless of who Curtis and Michael pick, the pair will live to fight another day in the villa

Amber.Amy Love Island (ITV)

Casa Amor comes to a close on tonight’s (Tuesday 2nd July) Love Island, with Caroline Flack arriving back in the main villa to oversee what’s guaranteed to be another explosive recoupling.


Things are looking especially rocky for Curtis and Amy, and Michael and Amber, with both the boys having had their heads turned by newcomers Jourdan and Joanna.

The sneak peek trailer which accompanied last night’s episode of Love Island gave us our first look of what’s in store in the dramatic recoupling, with Curtis telling Jourdan that he “would choose her” over Amy.

An otherwise unimpressed Jourdan, who has been cosying up to Danny, asks Curtis whether he’s “sure”.

Michael Joanna Love Island (ITV)

Elsewhere, Michael went a step further; planting a kiss on new girl Joanna while a stunned Anton looked on.

Michael had previously said that he felt he “couldn’t be himself” around Amber, telling Joanna that the scales were tipping “in her favour”.

Those who have previously failed to couple up while away in Casa Amor have been unceremoniously dumped from the villa; if you cast your mind back to the early days of Love Island series three, Dom Lever was dumped from the villa after he failed to couple up with anyone and was left single.

However, this was changed for Love Island series four, with Wes and Georgia getting to stay in the villa after their partners Megan and Josh chose to couple up with new bombshells.

Now, understands that this will also be the case for series five.

While all newcomers from Casa Amor will be dumped from the Island should they not find a partner, an insider has explained that the original Islanders can return to the main villa and be single if their partner has chosen to couple up with someone new.

This would practically guarantee fireworks between Amber and Michael if he really does decide to couple up with Joanna.

It’s also likely to lead to great tension between Curtis and Amy if it ever becomes knowledge that he was toying with the idea of coupling up with Jourdan.

Casa Amor has always proved to be a controversial talking point of each series, with the twist inviting over 2,500 Ofcom complaints last year when Dani’s boyfriend Jack was reunited with ex-girlfriend Ellie in the new villa.

While Love Island bosses have ramped up aftercare procedures for those who have appeared on the show, ITV executive Angela Jain was keen to state that the show will feature as many dramatic twists and turns as it has done in previous years.

“[The new aftercare procedures] are in no way going to impact the editorial of the show, or see us make the show differently,” she said.

“We’re trying to mirror real life here, and relationships in real life get tested and that is entirely normal. So we are going to, and the Islanders are fully aware their relationships will be tested.

“That’s what the expectation is for the audience and definitely for the Islanders.”


Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV 2