The 2023 season of Race Across the World begins on BBC One tonight, returning to our screens after a three-year hiatus and making the big move from its previous home on BBC Two.

We'll watch five new pairs of adventurers take on the show's latest travel challenge, which involves trekking 16,000 kilometres across Canada in the hopes of winning £20,000.

From married couple Zainib and Mobeen who're looking to satisfy their wanderlust, to brothers Marc and Michael who admit that they don't know each other very well at all, this year's cast will be facing budget constraints and grizzly bears on their Canadian route (which has been tested by producers beforehand) – but what exactly are the rules of Race Across the World?

Here's everything you need to know about what the contestants are allowed to do, from money to phone use.

Are Race Across the World contestants allowed phones?

Contestants taking part in Race Across the World are not allowed their phones or access to the internet whilst taking part in the competition.

They are given a map, which they must use to navigate their way around Canada, and they're allowed to rely on the kindness of strangers when looking for directions.

Speaking to and other press at a Q&A for the show, line producer Maria Kennedy said that they would be allowed to use a phone in an emergency.

"If there was a significant issue at home, we might allow them to speak to a nominated person but we really try to keep them in the bubble as much as possible," she said.

What is the budget for Race Across the World contestants?

Race Across The World contestants Kevin and Claudia
Race Across the World 2023 contestants Kevin and Claudia. BBC

The five teams must travel the season 3 route on a budget of £2,498.13 – which is the cash equivalent of the airfare to fly to their destination.

They are not allowed to take their credit cards with them and must rely on the budget.

If the duos do find themselves running low on cash, they can take on a short-term, local job in exchange for money, accommodation or food from a list given to them by producers.

According to BBC commissioner Michael Jochnowitz, all of the job opportunities are real. "We don't create any job opportunities. We don't go to any of those places and say, 'For the purposes of the show, can you provide this kind of service?'

"Those are real jobs, real places, real money or accommodation and things like that so again, because they don't have access to a phone or the internet, we basically just give them a guide of potential opportunities in the area."

Executive producer Mark Saben added: "We use as a rule of thumb, it's like what you'd find on a board in a hostel or something like that so we want [it] to feel absolutely as authentic as it possibly can be."

How long do the contestants have to get to each checkpoint?

While it varies, the contestants typically are given a few days to reach each checkpoint.

The first checkpoint, Tlell in Haida Gwaii, is between 1,215 and 1,741 kilometres away from the starting location, depending on which route you take to get there.

Race Across the World season 3 will start on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Wednesday 22nd March at 9pm.

Previous season are available to stream now on BBC iPlayer. Check out more of our Entertainment coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.

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