As injuries come in thick and fast on the third series of Channel 4’s The Jump it has been dubbed the most dangerous show on TV, but eliminated contestant Louisa Lytton has spoken out in defence of the reality series.


“I felt like I was in safe hands at all times,” Lytton told Good Morning Britain as complaints the show is too dangerous continue to be levelled at the winter sports-themed show.

The show calls on contestants to train in everything from slalom to ski jumping, but Lytton herself is sporting a hand brace after fracturing her hand while skiing.

However, the actress – who was eliminated on the first show – says we’re not seeing all the training that the celebs are having behind the scenes. “We’re training with the Warren Smith Academy, they’re amazing. Of course, people like my mum at home, they’re only seeing the dramatic falls.”

Sporting stars Rebecca Adlington, Beth Tweddle and Linford Christie, plus TV favourites Tina Hobley and Mark-Francis Vandelli have all had to pull out of the competition due to serious injury. Back-up contestant Joe Swash broke a bone in his shoulder in training before his debut on the show last night, with the broadcaster admitting it was reviewing its safety procedures.

But Lytton brushed off any suggestion it’s like an Agatha Christie drama among the stars remaining, denying there’s a fear of ‘who’s next?’

“I don’t think so. Even when I was kicked out, I became a reserve but I couldn’t go back in because of my injury. But I was literally begging the producers saying 'please let me go back in' because we’re having such a good time. The majority of people who are left are really confident skiers so they all want to win the show.

“Everyone’s more like, ‘who’s coming in?’” Lytton added. “With every injury someone else has to come in and people are more excited about who’s coming in.”

Other famous faces have already gone back for more with TOWIE’s Arg returning, only to be subsequently eliminated again. Heather Mills has also re-entered the competition, citing her “unfinished business” after taking part last year.

As rumours surface that Channel 4 may drop the show next year, Lytton doesn’t seem to think it should go anywhere.

“I’d go back this year. I feel like I’m missing out the whole time. I was on the phone to Becky [Adlington] and we were like, it’s so sad being home. I got to do the skeleton, but then I got knocked out, there’s so much more I could have experienced.”


The Jump continues Sunday at 8pm on Channel 4