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Heather Mills replaces injured Rebecca Adlington on The Jump

A dislocated shoulder forces the former Olympic swimmer out, as Mills returns to complete some "unfinished business"

Published: Sunday, 7th February 2016 at 10:44 am

After a week of uncertainty, it has been confirmed that Rebecca Adlington has had to withdraw from The Jump on medical advice and Heather Mills is returning to replace her.


Adlington's exit comes after dislocating her shoulder during training for the Air Jump, which was shown in the opening episode of this year's third series of the Channel 4 reality show.

“I have loved my time on the show and I’m so sad to be leaving on injury," Adlington said. "I’m so proud of myself with the challenges I have overcome, from skeleton to jumping and learning how to ski. I’m very grateful to have met the most incredible people as well. It was so difficult but so much fun at the same time.”

In her place comes Heather Mills who took part in the show last year, but feels she has some "unfinished business" after having to jump on someone else's prosthetic foot after breaking her own last year.

"I am overjoyed to be asked back by Channel 4 to join the competitors on The Jump, as I always felt it was unfinished business," Mill said. "Finishing 2nd overall in the only event I got to compete in, The Skeleton, and having to jump wearing someone else’s foot, was pretty bad luck. I never even got to compete in skiing.

"I know I can do much better, and I am working with my prosthetist (Abdo Haider of The London Prosthetic Centre) to create a foot that has more movement like a humans," she continued. "I love that I have the opportunity to compete on a more level playing field, if you can ever call one leg against two, level playing. However, I always love to challenge people’s perception of disability, and how one can overcome adversity. When I lost my leg, crushed my pelvis and split my head open in1993, when hit by a police motorcycle, I was told I would stay in a wheelchair. Having worked on prosthetic development for 25yrs, 1000’s of amputees are proving and showing their worth. It is an absolute joy and delight to watch, how focus and determination, one leg or two can bring about great achievements.”

A spokesperson for Channel 4 added: "Heather was a brilliant competitor last year and it was such a shame to lose her early on due to damage to her prosthetic leg. As Heather never competed in any of our ski events and hasn’t taken on the new ski jump, she is on an even field with this year’s competitors."

It's the second change on this year's line-up, with former The Wanted singer Tom Parker replacing actress Tina Hobley who injured her arm after a mishap in jump training.


The Jump continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 4


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