Actress Louisa Lytton is the first celebrity to leave reality show The Jump tonight, but thinks a live Air Jump would have been enough to see her stay in the competition.


High winds in Kühtai in Austria meant the show's safety team deemed it "not safe" for the live air jumps to take place during tonight's launch. The giant air bag was rather sadly deflated ahead of the show. Pre-recorded jumps from earlier in the week had to be used instead, with the six celebrities who'd recorded the slowest times in the first challenge, the skeleton, put up against each other. As well as Lytton, Rebecca Adlington, James ‘Arg’ Argent, Tamara Beckwith, Sid Owen and Dean Cain all faced being booted out.

While some of the contestants were pleased to use their previous jumps as they knew they were good heights, Lytton thinks this worked against her, eventually clocking the lowest leap.

"I really wanted it to be live. I knew my other jump wasn't great," she admitted, adding that if it had been a live jump she was confident the pressure of the launch night would have helped her jump well. "If I'd done the jump tonight I'd have stayed in, yeah."

Louisa now stays in Austria and trains for the week with the celebrities as a reserve. If a competitor is injured or quits she can be called back in to compete.

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"It would be horrible to see someone go due to an injury, but if someone walks then I'm happy," she laughed.

Lytton says she's not relieved to be out as she wanted to see how far she could push herself. Although she's pleased not to leave on a stretcher.

"It was a running joke among the group that I should pack my bags and go before I lose a leg," she revealed, already sporting a cast on her hand after an injury earlier in the week. "I'm in one piece!"

But given Lytton was new to skiing, she's achieved plenty and is happy she's given it a go.

"I have achieved so much. I can ski to a certain level.

"I'm really disappointed. No one wants to be first out," she added but said, "I've made amazing friends, it's a massive team."

Lytton is now set to return to LA for pilot season, where she's keen to secure more drama work. As for The Jump, she's hoping former Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle takes the title.

"Beth I really want to win. We've become a bit of a double act. It would be great for a female to win the show, too."


The Jump continues next Sunday on Channel 4