Danny Dyer was as stunned as any of us after he discovered he was a descendant from King Edward III in a 2016 edition of Who Do You Think You Are?


But it turns out that was just a scratch on the surface of the EastEnders’ star's expansive family history, with hard man Dyer, 41, related to a series of aristocratic ancestors – including a saint.

His new programme, Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family, sets out in showing some of Dyer’s royal connections, and giving Dyer a day in the life of the kings he descended from.

But when is it on TV? Here’s everything you need to know.

What time is Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family on TV?

The first of the two part special launches Wednesday, 23rd January at 9pm on BBC 1. The second episode follows a week later on Wednesday, 30th January at 9pm.

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What’s it about?

More than just a history show, Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family sees Dyer truly immerse himself in his ancestor’s lives, in some case quite literally walking in their shoes to re-enact what they went through.

The first episode sees him practise fighting and eating sheep’s tongue like his Viking 'great-grandfather' Rollo from 35 generations ago.

Danny Dyer's Right Royal Family

He then tries out hunting like his Norman ancestor William the Conqueror, and practises Parisian piety when he lives like his saintly ancestor King Louis IX.

The second episode sees the rest of the Dyers get involved as he embraces Tudor times – dressed appropriately in a ruff, Dyer is joined by his family when he has his very own Elizabethan sugar banquet in order of his grandfather from 15 generations ago, Sir John Seymour.

Is this a follow-up to Who Do You Think You Are?

Sort of. While we will be exploring more of Dyer’s fascinating ancestry, the show aims to observe how the star throws himself into their culture, while educating the viewer more bout the time.

While some people have already had scathing opinions of the show (without even watching it), Dyer told the Press Association that he hoped that people had an open mind when it came to the programme.

Danny Dyer's Right Royal Family (BBC)

“I know there's been a little bit of bad press around this - from people who haven't even watched a second of it - about how the BBC is dumbing down history, just because maybe I've got a working-class accent or whatever they want to say," he said.

"A lot of people might be bored of that boring history formula, and I think it's a different way to learn, so I'm going to try to be as funny as much as I possibly can."

"I like to embrace every historian with a big cuddle at the beginning, to make them settle down, and just have an old chinwag about medieval history.

"I think it's very important when you're in the position that I'm in, that you curb that ego and try to nourish your soul as much as you possibly can, and just try to be a decent, kind human being."


Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family stars Wednesday 23rd January at 9pm on BBC 1

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