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Danny Dyer thinks he’s destined to play Thomas Cromwell after Who Do You Think You Are? BAFTA win

The blue-blooded Who Do You Think You Are star didn’t speak on the Bafta stage, but he shared some marvellous musings behind the scenes

Published: Monday, 15th May 2017 at 10:50 am

Danny Dyer's royally revealing Who Do You Think You Are episode won the BAFTA for Best Feature at Sunday night's awards ceremony, and the EastEnders star clearly still hasn't got over the fact that he's related to royalty.


After picking up the award, Dyer admitted that he understands himself a little bit better after finding out he was related to both Thomas Cromwell AND Edward III.

“I feel there was a little bit of a void in my life. I never quite understood why I was an actor or why I was famous. It never sat with me,” said Dyer of life before he took part in the BBC series.

“To understand that I have a blood line that's extremely famous, for whatever reason, I suppose that did fill a little hole. It's still really hard to get my head around to be honest. A couple of things did click into place and I understood myself a bit more,” he told press backstage at the 2017 Bafta TV Awards.

He also confirmed that he has in fact purchased several ruffs, as promised at the end of the award-winning episode. “I've got a couple of ruffs!” he laughed. “Thought I'd get a couple of them. Switch it up a little bit. A big un and little un. A weekend ruff and a weekday ruff.”

His heritage has also given him a “ruff” idea of where he’d like to go next career-wise too.

“King Edward III, seriously? He's my grandad. Thomas Cromwell, I know he weren't royal but he was a proper boat, weren't he, let's be fair. Played by Mark Rylance. Surely I'm destined to play him,” Dyer said.


Stepping from the Queen Vic into royal history. Who would bet against him?


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