Dog trainer Jules O’Dwyer and her dog Matisse have just been crowned the winners of Britain’s Got Talent 2015. Oh yes, this is BGT and another dog has taken the top spot.


Following in 2012 winners Ashleigh and Pudsey’s footsteps (or should that be paw prints?), dancing dog act Jules and Matisse are this year’s winners, bagging a spot on the Royal Variety Show and a whopping £250,000 prize money.

Jules and Matisse have stunned judges and viewers alike throughout the series (and some four-legged fans at home, too) with performances ranging from dog catcher themes to toy maker routines. Tonight, Jules and Matisse took to the stage to perform an act that saw Matisse in trouble with Policewoman Jules after he appeared to have stolen a string of sausages. It all came right in the end when it turned out Matisse had stolen them for a three-legged pooch pal.

Of her win, Jules said she was “speechless” and joked she’d need to buy a Corgi now that she was set to perform in front of the royal family. “I’m so proud of my dogs,” she added.

This year’s runner-up was magician Jamie Raven who laughed: “Technically I was the most talented human being in 2015.” He certainly impressed the judges, who were left speechless after his close-up magic during tonight’s show, which saw him unveil an autographed note hidden inside a fresh lemon.

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Third place went to Welsh choir Côr Glanaethwy who admitted they never dreamed they’d make it so far. “It has been a privilege” they added.

Meanwhile, there were some shocks lower down the results with Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act Calum Scott placing sixth. He’d had a bit of a stumble over his lyrics during his performance earlier on in the night. Ant and Dec’s Golden Buzzer act Boyband, who were also the judges’ Wildcard act, placed twelfth and singer Isaac Waddington, very much seen as the dark horse of the competition placed fifth.

Below is the full result from tonight, let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.

Here's the full result:

12. Boyband

11. Entity Allstars

10. UDI

9. The Neales

8. Jesse-Jane McParland

7. Danny Posthill

6. Calum Scott

5. Isaac Waddington

4. Old Men Grooving

3. Côr Glanaethwy

2. Jamie Raven


1. Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse