Dale Winton’s final series is returning to Channel 5

Dale Winton's Florida Fly Drive will return in the wake of the TV entertainer's death

Dale Winton (Getty, FT)

The remaining episodes of Dale Winton’s Florida Fly Drive are finally set to air, following the TV personality’s death in April.


Channel 5 has confirmed that the former Supermarket Sweep host’s travel show will return on Friday 15th June at 10pm, with that long-awaited second episode.

The first episode of Florida Fly Drive aired on Thursday 8th February, but so far the show’s three remaining instalments have not been broadcast. Now episode two has an air date.

The second episode was originally pulled from the schedules following the tragic Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida on 14th February 2018. At the time, Channel 5 confirmed to RadioTimes.com that episodes twothree and four would be postponed until June.

The first episode saw the former Supermarket Sweep host travel across the Sunshine State, riding the teacups by himself at Disneyland and stopping for selfies.


Episode 2 of Dane Winton’s Florida Fly Drive will return on Friday 15th June at 10pm on Channel 5

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