Scatterbrook receives a fresh batch of visitors in two new Worzel Gummidge episodes airing on the 28th and 29th December: Twitchers and Calliope Jane.


The first episode sees Worzel's hopes of scaring scare a pack of choughs thwarted by an interfering pack of birdwatchers, including Mr Brathwaite's old bird-watching rival Lee Dangerman.

We then meet Calliope Jane in the episode of the same name – a friend of Aunt Sally who determines to help Worzel when he tells the gang about the myth of a magical fairground that sends humans to sleep so that scarecrows can enjoy the rides unobserved.

Recently, shared an exclusive first-look clip from the new episodes, which sees Worzel (Mackenzie Crook) share his scarecrow handbook with young friends Susan (India Brown) and John (Thierry Wickens).

But which guest stars will be appearing alongside the Worzel Gummidge regulars in the new episodes? Read on to find out.

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Mackenzie Crook plays Worzel Gummidge

Worzel Gummidge season 2 on BBC One (Mackenzie Crook)

Who is Worzel Gummidge? The irascible titular scarecrow is the main character in Euphan Todd's Puffin Books series. He lives in Ten Acre Field and befriends children Susan and John, becoming inanimate whenever his pride is wounded (which is rather often). Mackenzie Crook's version is gentler than Jon Pertwee's.

What else has Mackenzie Crook been in? The man in the turnip mask made his name as deluded assistant regional manager – sorry, assistant to the regional manager – Gareth Keenan in Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s seminal mockumentary The Office. After that, he found success in Hollywood, as one-eyed sea dog Ragetti in the Pirates of the Caribbean mega-franchise, and was nominated for a Tony Award for his performance in the Broadway transfer of Jez Butterworth’s Jerusalem.

The 49-year-old can also be seen – again in heavy prosthetics – as the skull-headed shaman Veran in Butterworth’s trippy Sky Atlantic Roman invasion drama Britannia. But arguably his crowning achievement to date is writing, directing and starring in three series of the BAFTA-winning BBC sitcom Detectorists.

India Brown and Thierry Wickens play Susan and John

Susan and John in Worzel Gummidge
BBC/Leopard Pictures/Amanda Searle

Who are Susan and John? Siblings Susan and John are foster children. They've come to Scatterbrook for the summer to work as farmhands for the Braithwaites. Initially, they're very attached to their smartphones and struggle to adapt to life in Scatterbrook, but that changes when Worzel takes them under his wing.

What else have India Brown and Thierry Wickens been in? India has previously appeared in Silent Witness and The Athena. Prior to Worzel, her most prominent role was Amber in the 2018 Christmas TV adaptation of David Walliams’ The Midnight Gang. Worzel Gummidge marks Thierry Wickens TV debut.

Steve Pemberton plays Mr Braithwaite

Steve Pemberton in Worzel Gummidge

Who is Mr Braithwaite? He is the rather grumpy farmer who doesn't realise his scarecrow has the uncanny ability to come to life. He usually blames the children for the messes the turnip-headed stick figure leaves behind. He was played by Norman Bird in the ITV adaptation of the classic tale.

What else has Steve Pemberton been in? As one of The League of Gentlemen, Steve created a menagerie of comic grotesques including Tubbs, Royston Vasey’s murderous, porcine-nosed keeper of the local shop for local people, and Pauline, the sadistic restart officer with a passion for pens and a burning hatred of ‘dole scum’.

Since then, he’s barely been off our screens, with roles in everything from Whitechapel and Happy Valley to Midsomer Murders and Doctor Who, as well as spending eight years by the pool as Mick Garvey in ITV’s sunburn and sangria sitcom Benidorm. In partnership with fellow Leaguer Reece Shearsmith, the 52-year-old has also continued to probe the darker corners of TV comedy in macabre sitcom Psychoville and the brilliant, BAFTA-winning anthology series Inside No 9.

Rosie Cavaliero plays Mrs Braithwaite

Rosie Cavaliero in Worzel Gummidge

Who is Mrs Braithwaite? Mr Braithwaite's strong-willed wife runs Scatterbrook Farm alongside her husband. She isn't all that fond of the titular scarecrow, who she thinks has seen better days. Originally played by Megs Jenkins, she spends her days bossing Susan and John around and trying to get rid of Worzel.

What else has Rosie Cavaliero been in? With more than 50 screen credits, Rosie is one of the busiest actors in Britain. Notable roles include troubled nurse Marion Kelsey in the second series of Unforgotten, Anne Lister’s maid Elizabeth in Sally Wainwright’s recent Gentleman Jack, and jilted wife Wendy in John Cleese sitcom Hold the Sunset. She also starred as DS Susan Reinhart in two series of ITV crime thriller Prey. Earlier this year, the 52-year-old was seen as Frances in Cleaning Up, starring Sheridan Smith, who she first worked with on the 2003 bingo sitcom Eyes Down, starring Paul O’Grady.

Francesca Mills plays Earthy Mangold

Francesca Mills as Earthy Mangold in Worzel Gummidge

Who is Earthy Mangold? In the books, Earthy Mangold is Worzel's wife but the pair are just friends in the new series. The character did not appear in the '70s series.

What else has Francesca Mills been in? Most recently seen as Cherry Dorrington in period drama Harlots, Francesca’s other credits include Zoolander 2 and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Vicki Pepperdine plays Aunt Sally

Vicki Pepperdine plays Aunt Sally

Who is Aunt Sally? Una Stubbs played the fairground doll in the 70s, but Mackenzie Crook's eerie version is closer to the one in Euphan Todd's books. Instead of his love interest, Aunt Sally is Worzel's actual aunt, who has been left to rot in a museum and is not exactly thrilled about it.

What else has Vicki Pepperdine been in? Like Mackenzie Crook, 58-year-old Pepperdine is as happy bashing out scripts as performing them. With Jo Brand and Joanna Scanlan, she co-wrote the award-winning hospital sitcom Getting On, in which she played Dr Pippa Moore, a geriatric care consultant whose bedside manner left something to be desired. On radio, she was one half of comedy duo Hudson and Pepperdine, with Melanie Hudson, and she currently hosts a podcast, Dear Joan and Jericha, with her friend Julia Davis, who also cast her in her TV comedies Camping, Nighty Night and Sall4Ever. Vicki played Princess Anne in Channel 4 comedy The Windsors, while recent film roles include Goodbye Christopher Robin and Johnny English Strikes Again.

Aaron Neil plays Lee Dangerman

Aaron Neil as Lee Dangerman in Worzel Gummidge
BBC/Leopard Pictures Ltd/Chris Harris

Appears in: 'Twitchers'

Who is Lee Dangerman? Lee Dangerman is a twicher, or bird-watcher, and an old rival of Mr Braithwaite's.

What else has Aaron Neil been in? Neil played Varun Singh in the Doctor Who spin-off Class, Raj in Channel 4 comedy-drama Home and this year appeared in episodes of Inside No. 9 and Landscapers.

Bill Bailey plays Mr Peregrine

Bill Bailey in Worzel Gummidge
BBC/Leopard Films/Chris Harris

Appears in: 'Calliope Jane'

Who is Mr Pegerine? Mr Peregrine runs the travelling fair that comes to visit Scatterbrook for one night only.

What else has Bill Bailey been in?

Nneka Okoye plays Calliope Jane

Nneka Okoye as Calliope Jane in Worzel Gummidge
BBC/Leopard Pictures Ltd/Chris Harris

Appears in: 'Calliope Jane'

Who is Calliope Jane? Like Worzel and Aunt Sally, Calliope Jane is a seemingly inanimate object that springs to magical life – along with her friend Sally, she plans to help Worzel enjoy the fun fair.

What else has Nneka Okoye been in? Okoye previously played Mags on Netflix series The A List and has guest-starred in episodes of Death in Paradise and Grantchester. She will next be seen in the TV series adaptation of the hit video game Halo.

Paul Kaye plays Guy Forks

Guy Forks

Appears in: 'Guy Forks'

Who is Guy Forks? Guy Forks is the cousin of Worzel Gummidge who arrives in Scatterbrook and takes his place at the top of the town's bonfire.

What else has Paul Kaye been in? Paul Kaye is best known for appearing as Dennis Pennis on The Sunday Show and for his roles in Game of Thrones, After Life, The Watch, Vera, and Three Girls.

Toby Jones plays The Bonfire Night Committee

Guy Forks

Appears in: 'Guy Forks'

Who are the Bonfire Night Committee? The Bonfire Night Committee is made up of the baker, butcher, mayor, postmaster, publican and alderman – all of whom are preparing for the Scatterbrook bonfire. They are all played by Toby Jones.

What else has Toby Jones been in? Toby Jones is best known his roles in Detectorists, Marvellous, The Girl, Wayward Pines, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, The Hunger Games and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Shirley Henderson plays Saucy Nancy

Saucy Nancy (Shirley Henderson) in Worzel Gummidge
BBC/Leopard Pictures/Amanda Searle

Appears in: 'Saucy Nancy' (2020)

Who is Saucy Nancy? A ship's figurehead with a foul mouth, Nancy is discovered by Worzel, Susan and John at a scrapyard. The character was played by the late Barbara Windsor in the '70s series.

What else has Shirley Henderson been in? Henderson is known for her role as Jude in the Bridget Jones film trilogy and for playing Moaning Myrtyle in the Harry Potter films. She has also appeared in the series Hamish Macbeth, Southcliffe, Happy Valley and The Nest, and voiced Babu Frik in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Vanessa Redgrave plays Peg

Peg (Vanessa Redgrave) in Worzel Gummidge
BBC/Leopard Pictures/Amanda Searle

Appears in: 'Saucy Nancy' (2020)

Who is Peg? Peg is an old seawoman who mends fishermen's nets and lives in a shipwreck on the beach.

What else has Vanessa Redgrave been in? Vanessa Redgrave CBE is a legend of stage and screen, having earned six Academy Award nominations and winning in the Best Supporting Actress category for her performance in 1977's Julia. Her many film credits include Blowup (1966), Mary, Queen of Scots (1971), Murder on the Orient Express (1974), Mission: Impossible (1996) and Atonement (2007), while previous small-screen credits include Nip/Tuck and Man in an Orange Shirt. She narrates Call the Midwife as the voice of the older Jenny Worth.

Tim Plester plays Fisherman Stan

Appears in: 'Saucy Nancy' (2020)

Who is Fisherman Stan? Stan is - you guessed it - a fisherman, and friend to Peg.

What else has Tim Plester been in? Plester has appeared on Game of Thrones (as Black Walder Rivers), After Life (as drug addict Julian Kane) and, earlier this year, in The Sister (as Justin). He is also a filmmaker, known for his documentaries Way of the Morris and The Ballad of Shirley Collins.

Spencer Jones plays Reggie

Reggie (Spencer Jones) in Worzel Gummidge
BBC/Leopard Pictures/Amanda Searle

Appears in: 'Saucy Nancy' (2020)

Who is Reggie? Reggie works at the local scrapyard, but his business acumen leaves quite a lot to be desired.

What else has Spencer Jones been in? Jones is a stand-up comedian, actor and writer who plays Shakespeare actor William Kempe in Upstart Crow and played the title character in BBC Two sitcom Mr Winner earlier this year. He has also appeared in Still Open All Hours, Skins and Pulling.

Brian Blessed plays Abraham Longshanks

Appears in: 'Saucy Nancy' (2020)

Who is Abraham Longshanks? Abraham is a tiny scarecrow who used to be much larger – but his booming voice has never diminished.

What else has Brian Blessed been in? With screen credits dating back to the late 1950s, Blessed is a household name and cult icon known for his aforementioned booming voice, with roles in I, Claudius (as Augustus), Z Cars (as PC Fancy Smith) and Doctor Who (as King Ycarnos, in the 1986 story The Trial of a Time Lord).

He also voiced the alien Boss Nass in 1999's Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace and played the winged Prince Vultan in the 1980 big-screen version of Flash Gordon, from which his catchphrase "GORDON'S ALIVE?!" originates.

Youseff Kerkour plays Farmer Brawn

Appears in: 'Saucy Nancy' (2020)

Who is Farmer Brawn? On a trip to the seaside, Susan and John meet Farmer Brawn in a local pub, along with Farmer Strong (Christopher Patrick Nolan), Farmer Beef (Denise Mack), Farmer Bonce (Daniel Copeland) and Farmer Gout (Daniel Page).

What else has Youseff Kerkour been in? Kerkour is probably best known for his role as the gentle Sami in Channel 4 comedy-drama Home. He has also appeared in Criminal: UK, Dracula, Sex Education and Baghdad Central, and made a brief appearance in the 2019 Gavin & Stacey Christmas special.

Zoë Wanamaker plays Lady Bloomsbury Barton

Zoe Wanamaker Zoë Wanamaker plays Lady Bloomsbury Barton

Appears in: 'The Green Man' (2019)

Who is Lady Bloomsbury Barton? Lady Bloomsbury Barton is the eccentric local lady of the manor, with whom Worzel takes tea despite lacking the insides to absorb it. The aristocrat was a bit of a freeloader in the first Worzel series, and was driven around in a Rolls-Royce by her chauffeur Humphrey.

What else has Zoë Wanamaker been in? The daughter of American actor and producer Sam Wanamaker, Zoë’s stage career – including extensive engagements with both the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre – has earned her two Olivier Awards and seven nominations, along with four Tony nominations for her work on Broadway. On screen, she received BAFTA nods for her roles in the original Prime Suspect and the romantic comedy drama Love Hurts. In more recent years, she has been best known for playing Susan Harper in the BBC sitcom My Family, Ariadne Oliver in Agatha Christie’s Poirot and Princess Marie in Mr Selfridge. And of course, she earned her place in the Hogwarts hall of fame as Madam Hooch in the first Harry Potter film. Zoë, who turned 70 in May, was made a CBE in 2001 for services to drama.

Michael Palin plays The Green Man

Michael Palin plays The Green Man

Appears in: 'The Green Man' (2019)

Who is The Green Man? He is the creator of all scarecrows, including Worzel, and keeper of scarecrow lore. The Green Man is more akin to Worzel's mysterious creator in the books, rather than the Crowman from Pertwee's Worzel Gummidge. He isn't pleased when he learns Worzel has befriended humans.

What else has Michael Palin been in? Actor, writer, comedian, traveller, Python… national treasures don’t come much more cherished than Sir Michael. As one sixth of the Monty Python team, he starred in such iconic skits as the Dead Parrot sketch, The Spanish Inquisition and the Fish-Slapping Dance, as well as performing The Lumberjack Song. He teamed up with fellow Python Terry Jones to co-write and star in the 70s comedy anthology Ripping Yarns, and won a BAFTA for his role in the 1988 film A Fish Called Wanda. The same year, he embarked on a journey Around the World in 80 Days, the first of many TV travel documentaries that have since taken him Pole to Pole, Full Circle and, most recently into North Korea. From 2009-20012, he was also president of the Royal Geographical Society.

Having previously been made a CBE and a BAFTA fellow, Sir Michael, 76, received a knighthood in the 2019 New Year Honours for services to travel, culture and geography.

Colin Michael Carmichael plays Soggy Boggart

Appears in: 'The Green Man' (2019)

Who is Soggy Boggart? Soggy Boggart is Worzel's marrow-headed rival. In Mackenzie Crook's version, he wears a leather jacket and is the ruffian leader of a scarecrow biker gang.

What else has Colin Michael Carmichael been in? Colin has worked extensively in the theatre, including producing shows with his own company, called – rather brilliantly – Brian. His film and TV credits include Hot Fuzz, St Trinian’s 2, Burke and Hare, Black Mirror and EastEnders.


Worzel Gummidge returns to BBC One at 7.15pm on Tuesday, 28th December – check out what else is on with our TV Guide or our guide to the best Christmas TV.