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Why doesn’t Joan Thursday appear in Endeavour season 7?

Viewers might be left wondering where Joan (Sara Vickers) is in ITV's Endeavour series seven...

Published: Sunday, 16th February 2020 at 8:00 pm

Endeavour's will-they-won't-they couple Endeavour Morse and Joan Thursday (the daughter of Endeavour's boss, Fred Thursday) have definitely had their ups and downs — yet there's an undeniable connection between the pair.


Endeavour (Shaun Evans) previously even went as far as proposing to Joan (Sara Vickers), but she turned him down - later her abusive boyfriend pushes her down a flight of stairs and she miscarries the baby she was carrying, while Morse heads to the hospital for her.

But it seems that the question of whether Joan and Morse will make it work will have to be left on the back burner for now, after Shaun Evans revealed that Sara Vickers, the actress who plays Joan, won't be returning for series 7.


In an interview with, Evans was asked whether Joan would return in the upcoming season. "Not in this series," he revealed, "Only for good news really: Sarah had a baby this time, and so she was unavailable for filming, alas."

However, he added that Vickers would "definitely be back, she's part of the family," confirming that viewers will see the return of Joan in future seasons.


Endeavour series seven airs on ITV at 8pm on Sundays


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