Two “bonus” Lucifer episodes are set to air

Some good news at last for Lucifer fans

Youtube sreengrab, TL

There was uproar among Lucifer fans when it was announced that the show had been cancelled, despite having ended on a huge cliffhanger. But now it’s been revealed that two “bonus” episodes of the devil drama are being released.


The two instalments were filmed earlier this year as part of what would have been series four, had the show not been axed.

Boo Normal is the first of the two, and will follow Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and the team as they investigate the killing of a child psychiatrist, while Ella (Aimee Garcia) focuses on a childhood secret she’s been concealing.

The second, Once Upon A Time, will see Lucifer’s mother create an alternate dimension in which Lucifer has not only never met Chloe (Lauren German), but is also granted the freedom of choice. Neil Gaiman guest stars to voice God, the narrator.

Fox will air the two episodes back-to-back on Monday 28th May in America and they will be available to UK Amazon Prime customers on the Tuesday.


Despite the zealous efforts of the #SaveLucifer social media campaign, the show is yet to find a home for a full fourth series.