In the new season of Netflix’s You, married couple – and serial murderers – Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) move into the picture-perfect Northern Californian town of Madre Linda with their baby son Henry.


It’s there that they meet a host of new neighbours, including judgemental mummy blogger Sherry and her husband Cary, and tech entrepreneur Matthew (Scott Speedman), and his son Theo. A brooding college student who has a tense relationship with his dad, Theo soon falls for Love, ignoring the fact that she is married with a baby and quite a bit older than him, too.

The besotted 19-year-old (as played by 27-year-old Dylan Arnold) doesn’t notice Love’s murderous tendencies, either, and becomes convinced that Joe is the one who has murdered his step-dad’s wife Natalie (when we know it was actually a jealous Love who bashed her head in).


What happens to Theo?

Visiting Love’s bakery looking for her so they can run away together, poor, misguided (and rather dim) Theo unlocks the door to the basement, goes down the stairs and – uh oh – finds quarrelling couple Sherry and Cary locked in the glass cage there.

They tell him that Love and Joe are responsible for their captivity and multiple murders – including Natalie’s – and beg for him to find a key to release them. Theo runs back upstairs and locates a key, just as Love walks in. He begs her to leave with him and promises that he won’t tell anyone about what he has seen if she releases her captives. Bless his trusting little heart.

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It looks like Love might actually let Theo go, but as he turns to leave she hits him over the head with a handy fire extinguisher, causing him to fall down the stairs where Love leaves him for dead.

After that cliffhanger in the penultimate episode, it looks like young Theo’s hormones have been the death of him, but when Joe returns to the basement in the finale, he discovers that Theo is severely injured but still alive.

Taking pity on the boy, Joe drugs him (presumably so he won’t scream about the cage, murder, or anything else he may know, like Love’s secret cupcake recipe) and dumps him at the nearest hospital.

Later on, when Joe is paralysed by Love and unable to speak or move, he is discovered by Theo’s dad Matthew, and manages to communicate to him (Badgley doing some masterful eye-rolling here) that Theo is safe and in the hospital.

A final scene shows Matthew picking up his wheelchair-bound son from physical therapy in hospital, with recent traumatic events having helped heal the rift between the pair.

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