It’s hard to keep up with all the people who end up dead in Netflix’s thriller series You, which is now on its third season.


While lovelorn book restorer (and part time serial killer) Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) was responsible for the rising body count in season one – including, of course, his girlfriend Beck, her boyfriend Benji and Beck’s friend Peach – the twist in season two was that Joe wasn’t the only murderer in town.

Having left New York and the scene of his original crimes, Joe relocates to Los Angeles, starting a new life as Will Bettelheim (actually the name of a hacker whose identity Joe stole) and working at the achingly hip grocery store Anavrin, owned by the Quinn family.

The wealthy Quinns have their own skeletons rattling in their closets, with manager Forty believing he killed his own au pair when he was young and twin sister Love turning out to be almost as obsessive as Joe himself when it came to relationships.

Perhaps the most ‘normal’ people Joe encounters are his neighbours, investigative reporter Delilah Alves (Carmela Zumbado) and her teenage sister Ellie (Jenna Ortega), so surely they are safe from harm? Well, no. And with a name the same as the murderous Tom Jones song (“I felt the knife in my hand and she laughed no more”), it’s no surprise that it is poor Delilah who doesn’t make it to the end of the season alive.

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Who killed Delilah?

Delilah becomes involved in Joe’s life when he moves into the same apartment block in Los Angeles, and she reveals to him that she had been drugged and raped by a famous comedian named Henderson (Chris D’Elia) when she was 17.

The pair have a brief fling – even though Joe is infatuated with Love Quinn – and when he discovers Polaroid photos of unconscious women (including Delilah) at Henderson’s house that would prove the comedian’s guilt, he gives the pictures to Delilah so she can expose Henderson to the press.

However, after Henderson’s death (accidentally killed by Joe), a suspicious Delilah searches Joe’s apartment and finds keys to a storage unit. Once there, she discovers and photographs his secret vault before being found and locked in by Joe.

It’s a shame Delilah didn’t think of sending those photos to someone straight away. Or telling the police or her boss where she was going. Or having some sort of weapon on her – just in case. Oh well.

At least Joe promises he will release her after he has safely left town – her handcuffs having a handy timer release on them. So that’s okay then.

Unfortunately, after a wild night with Forty in which Joe takes LSD for the first time, Joe returns to the storage vault and discovers that Delilah is already dead. Not entirely sure whether he had killed her himself while tripping out on drugs, Delilah’s fate is finally revealed when Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candace arrives and calls Love to join them so she can see what type of man Joe really is.

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In a heart-stopping twist, instead of fleeing the murder scene screaming, Love kills Candace and then reveals to Joe that she is in love with him and has jealously murdered Delilah herself.

It’s not the first time Love has committed murder – she also reveals she killed her brother Forty’s au pair – and if you’ve seen season three of You, you know it isn’t the last time, either…

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