You boss explains why major character had die to in season 3

And what a death it was! *Contains spoilers for You season 3*

you season 3

The third season of Netflix hit You proved to be worth the wait with many calling it the best season yet – which means that now anticipation for a fourth season is higher than ever.


But not everyone will be coming back for the next run as one character made a dramatic exit from the drama – and showed just how far Joe (Penn Badgley) is willing to go in the process. In the darkest twist that the show has seen yet, Joe beat Love (Victoria Pedretti) at her own game when she tried to poison him.

She ended up being the one who was poisoned and, sure enough, she succumbed to the effects and died. But Joe knew that he had to make sure she gets the blame for all the murders they’d committed so he surrounded her body with incriminating evidence and then sets the building ablaze. To say it was a dramatic finale would be quite an understatement!

Love’s shocking death was not a surprise to Pedretti though who told TVLine that she always knew the season was not going to end well for her character. “I knew [Love] was going to die at the end of this season pretty early on. I knew I wasn’t going to be on the show past two seasons, so I assumed that she would die.” She assumed correctly.

As for why Love met her untimely end, showrunner Sara Gamble has been speaking to EW and said: “Joe is Joe. We knew for sure that their relationship would end by the end of the two seasons. And I think we talked pretty early about the idea that she would die, and certainly, Victoria knew that for a long time. And I was like, ‘If we change our minds, we’ll tell you right away because if you have to do like a mental adjustment.’ But we did talk about other things.”

But the twisted tale will continue as You has already been renewed for season 4. But how that season will play out after the heights that this one hit remains anybody’s guess, although – given Joe relocated at the close of the season – we could be heading to Paris…

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