*Warning, contains spoilers for the end of season three of You*


We knew it wouldn't be long before everyone's favourite serial killer/stalker Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) would grow tired of married life with Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) in the third season of Netflix's hit drama You.

Even though he and Love now have baby Henry (and are trying to be good parents by not murdering anyone), Joe can't stop himself from fantasising about Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), who runs the local library in the town of Madre Linda where the Quinn-Goldbergs have set up home.

Marienne has enough problems of her own without Joe to complicate matters – a former addict, she is trying to get custody of her daughter Juliette away from her controlling (and extremely popular) ex, reporter Ryan.

Nonetheless, she falls for Joe's charms, and following the death of her ex – which she believes happened during a mugging, but we know better, don't we, Joe? – Marienne suggests that she and Juliette run away with Joe and Henry and start a new life.

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Where is Marienne at the end of You season 3?

Unfortunately, Joe's plan to be with Marienne is halted by Love, who realises that Joe and Marienne are having an affair, and that Joe is the one who killed Ryan so he could be with Marienne.

She lures Marienne over to the Quinn-Goldberg house, sending a text she pretends is from Joe, and it's clear from the carving fork hidden behind her back that Love intends to kill Marienne. However, Marienne's daughter interrupts, needing to use Love's toilet, and Love realises she can't take away Juliette's mother away from her. Instead, she warns Marienne about Joe, telling her how obsessed he is, how he lies and how he murdered Ryan, and advises her that she and Juliette should run away and disappear so Joe can't find them.


So where does Marienne go? Earlier in the series, she mentioned Paris to Joe, and that is where we see him after he has killed Love, framed her for murder and faked his own death. Presumably he is searching for her there, but if Marienne is smart, she will have gone somewhere else with her daughter and is now living under an assumed name.

Of course, the whole world thinks Joe is dead, so maybe Marienne isn't being as careful about staying hidden as she should be. All will no doubt be revealed in season four next year.

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