Viewers had one major problem with Kate Beckinsale’s new thriller The Widow

THAT missing suitcase was a major source of concern

Kate Beckinsale in The Widow

Kate Beckinsale’s new thriller The Widow has begun on ITV – and viewers on Twitter have one major gripe with episode one.


The twisty drama centres around Beckinsale’s Georgia, a woman who travels to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in search of answers about the mysterious disappearance of her husband, Will.

But viewers had one major issue, with a particular moment grinding their gears near the start of the first instalment.

On arrival in Kinshasa airport, Georgia’s luggage was stolen by a man pretending to be a taxi driver, but – distracted by her quest to find the truth about her husband Will – she simply shrugged it off.

Sure, she had some big fish to fry – but for some viewers, her nonchalance was simply inconceivable. (She’s lost all her clothes! She has no spare knickers!)

For some, it was unforgivably stupid…

And a cause to switch off:

While others were adamant they’d have chased after the stolen luggage…

And the suitcase wasn’t the only plot point to cause bemusement – some viewers couldn’t get over Will appearing in security footage wearing the same distinctive orange baseball cap he had on the last time Georgia saw him alive three years ago.

It’s a lucky hat, we were told – but would he really have hung onto it throughout whatever ordeal he seems to have been through?

Plus, those changing time-frames in episode one – switching between the present day and three years prior – led to plenty of head-scratching on Twitter…


But despite some plot confusion, The Widow saw off competition from BBC rival The Victim to pull in 4.2 million overnight viewers (compared with the latter’s 3.6m). The ITV drama continues on Tuesday 9th April at 9pm on ITV