*Warning - contains spoilers for all six episodes of The Tourist season 2*


With The Tourist about to finish airing on BBC One, and with all six episodes having been available on iPlayer for some time now, the show's creators, Harry and Jack Williams, have weighed in on the likelihood of a third season being made.

The brothers spoke exclusively with RadioTimes.com as they appeared on our exclusive video and podcast series The Best Ever, in which they were debating the best ever TV thriller.

Asked whether we'll get to see a season 3 of the thriller, which stars Jamie Dornan and Danielle Macdonald, Harry said: "It can exist as a thing that ends [there] and we never see again, but like the first time round, we'd never say never."

Jack said: "And there is a little nod at the very end of this season that does suggest some interesting avenues for exploration, I would say.

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"It depends on us finding the right thing, but we love the world and we love the characters and we love working with Jamie and Danielle, so that's always going to be interesting to us."

Jamie Dornan in The Tourist wearing an orange sweater and dark green jacket, with countryside in the background
Jamie Dornan in The Tourist. BBC/Two Brothers/Steffan Hill

The "little nod" Jack refers to is almost certainly the revelation at the end of the finale that, unbeknownst to him, Dornan's character Elliot Stanley, real name Eugene Cassidy, was previously a special agent.

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Jack also further explained how they came to write a second season of The Tourist, after initially thinking the series's first season would be one and done.

Jack said: "When we wrote the first season of The Tourist, we wanted to tell one story that ended and was complete, and we didn't want to hold anything back.

"But in writing it, we did always know that when you've got a character like Elliot, Jamie Dornan's character, and we're only revealing a certain amount of his past, we know that there's a story to be told about how we got there and the kind of person he is.

"So, in the back of our minds, we did wonder if there was going to be more to tell, because season 1 didn't reveal everything about him.

"It didn't reveal why he made the choices he made [...] but we didn't want to come back unless we had a really good reason to do so and a story to tell that wasn't going to undo everything we'd done in season 1."

The Tourist seasons 1 and 2 are available in full on BBC iPlayer. You can watch Harry and Jack Williams debate The Best Ever TV Thriller here.

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