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The Sherlock finale looks like a Mycroft-heavy episode

Mark Gatiss, come on down!

Published: Sunday, 15th January 2017 at 9:40 am

With the explosive arrival of Euros and John Watson facing a bullet, we desperately need a hero in Sunday’s series finale of Sherlock. And we’re getting, erm, Mycroft?


Yes, judging from new pictures released by the BBC, Mark Gatiss’s sneering brother of Sherlock will play a big part in episode three. Which, when you think about Euros’s relation to the government behemoth, is completely expected.

In fact, out of the new images we have for the finale, Mycroft is the subject of most.

Here he is looking solemn in a dimly-lit chair...

And here he is looking gloomy in a gloomy room…

...and another one...

…and now a puzzled Mycroft is watching a puzzling film...

And not only do the photos point to more Mycroft in the finale, but you can deduce the same from the recently released trailer for episode three.

In the preview, Sherlock’s brother can be seen in 221B Baker street delivering the mysterious line: “every choice you've ever made, every path you've ever taken, the man you are today, is your memory of Euros.”

Also, he features in so many shots that if you close your eyes after watching the trailer a few times, you’ll see Mark Gatiss imprinted on your eyelids.

Go on, just count how many times he pops up...

So, not only prepare yourself for an "absolutely crazy" finale, with answers on all things Euros and a massive explosion, but LOTS of Mycroft too.

Sherlock series four concludes on BBC1 this Sunday at 9:00pm


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