The trailer for the Sherlock series four finale is VERY explosive

What to expect from the final episode of series four


Sherlock series four episode two introduced us to Toby Jones’ terrifying Culverton Smith, wrapped up all the clues in the show’s promo images and revealed a hidden-in-plain-in-sight key new character (click on those links only AFTER watching the episode).


Just in case you thought it wasn’t action-packed enough, the explosive trailer for the series four finale is here. No, seriously, amongst John Watson’s pleas to Sherlock – “I know this is difficult, but you’ve got to keep it together” – it looks like the crime-fighting duo get caught in a MASSIVE explosion.

Although it appears Watson survives his meeting with ‘Euros’ in the final scene of episode two, we’ve now got to ask if he (and Holmes) will make it to the end of the series…

Sherlock series 4 episode 2 reviewed


Sherlock series 4 concludes 9pm Sunday, BBC1