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Does 221B Baker Street get blown up in the Sherlock finale?

The clues are poiniting towards a very explosive ending for the detective's flat

Published: Wednesday, 11th January 2017 at 9:30 am

Not that we’re trying to get you hyped out of your skull before Sunday’s Sherlock finale, but BAKER STREET MIGHT BLOW UP.


Right, sit down, take a deep breath and examine the evidence. Exhibit A: this 10-second film released by the show’s Twitter page:

With that unmistakable sprayed-on smiley wallpaper, it certainly looks like one of the walls in Sherlock’s ash-trodded 221B Baker Street has been blasted away.


Although, you’d be right to point out that the chair Benedict Cumberbatch is sitting on in the tweet isn’t charred at all. That spot combined with Sherlock’s deep-in-thought expression could point to the explanation that it’s all a metaphor – perhaps it shows how Sherlock’s 'mind palace' will lay in ruins after the arrival of Euros.

However, that’s when we bring up Exhibit B: the trailer for the final episode. As well as giving us glimpses of guns, helicopters and Watson urging the detective to "keep it together", many will notice the MASSIVE EXPLOSION in the last few seconds.

Is it possible that final fireball is bursting from Baker Street? If so, we'll be raising funds for Mrs Hudson from Monday...

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Sherlock: The Final Problem is on 9pm this Sunday, BBC1


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