*Warning - contains full spoilers for The Inheritance*


After a dramatic four weeks, Channel 5 drama The Inheritance has now come to an end, and we finally know just what happened to Daniel, Sian and Chloe's father Dennis.

In the finale, it was revealed that both Dennis and his new wife Susan had indeed been murdered - by none other than charming estate agent Nathan!

Nathan, who Sian had recently begun a relationship with, was actually called James, and he was Susan and Michael's son who was put into care and fostered.

He had done this sort of thing before - convincing his foster father to make him the sole recipient of his will, and then killing him in a way which made it seem that he had drunk himself to death. He had been sent to jail at the time, but had since been freed.

In the years prior to the start of the series, Nathan had become Dennis's gardener, and planned that Dennis would have been cremated and would have left all of his money to him.

However, instead he had left the money to Susan, Nathan's real mother, meaning she had to die too.

Nathan's relationship with Sian hadn't been part of the plan - he had just genuinely been drawn to her.

Rory Fleck Byrne as Nathan and Kevin Harvey as Glen in The Inheritance standing face-to-face
Rory Fleck Byrne as Nathan and Kevin Harvey as Glen in The Inheritance. Channel 5

This also helped to explain Michael's shock suicide - he had killed himself after he had found out what Nathan had done and discovered that his son was a murderer.

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In the end, after they had uncovered the truth, James held the trio of siblings up at gunpoint in Dennis's house. He tied them up and set the house ablaze with them inside. Thankfully, with the help of Glen, they managed to escape, and Nathan was arrested.

The finale also saw Pete reveal to Chloe his plan to take Daniel's restaurant from him, prompting her to react in horror as she stuck by her family.

The Inheritance is available to stream in full on My5. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to see what's on tonight.

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