ITV has officially confirmed the release date for its new thriller series, Red Eye.


Starring Jing Lusi (Heart of Stone) and Richard Armitage (Fool Me Once), the six-part series follows Armitage's character, Dr Matthew Nolan, who is on his way back from a conference in Beijing after being involved in a dangerous car crash.

Once Matthew arrives back in the UK, he is arrested and accused of the murder of a woman involved in the crash - and is set to return to China to face charges.

Everything is on the line, and viewers can get a taste of all the action on Sunday 21st April at 9pm.

The series, which comes from production company Bad Wolf (Doctor Who), will see Jing Lusi's DC Hana Li, a British officer who is charged with accompanying Nolan to Beijing, begin to suspect Matthew is in danger when a number of deaths occur on the flight.

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Richard Armitage and Jing Lusi sit in airplane seats, the former looking contemplative towards the sky, the latter wearing a dark blazer and jeans with a concerned glance to the side, in a scene from the ITV series "Red Eye".
Richard Armitage and Jing Lusi. ITV

Matthew and Hana aren't the only people who find themselves at risk, either.

Back in London, Hana's sister, Jess (Jemma Moore), begins investigating Matthew's extradition, and "finds herself running from an unknown assassin".

The synopsis continues: "After a call from MI5, Hana finds herself embroiled in an escalating conspiracy.

"Back in London, we follow Hana's sister, scrappy reporter Jess Li, who is running her own investigation into Nolan's extradition - and finds herself running for her life from an unknown assassin.

"And in Thames House, the head of MI5, Madeline Delaney, breaks protocol and risks her entire career to not only help Hana and Nolan stay alive, but also to expose an international conspiracy that seems to implicate both China and people in her own government."

Armitage previously told that "terrifying" events take place on the plane.

He said: "It's a little bit like And Then There Were None but set on an aeroplane, [and] it's just sort of a return in a way to that sort of political espionage that I love, that we did with Spooks. It's elements of that in it."

Red Eye comes to ITV on Sunday 21st April at 9pm.


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