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Meet the cast of New Blood

Who's who in Anthony Horowitz's new crime drama for the BBC

Published: Thursday, 22nd June 2017 at 2:00 pm

Foyles War and James Bond writer Anthony Horowitz is back with a brand new crime drama for BBC1. Starring newcomers Ben Tavassoli and Mark Strepan and set in modern London, New Blood aims, in Horowitz's words, to make crime drama "a bit more fun".


So, who's on board Britain's upbeat answer to Scandi drama? Meet the regular cast here.

Arrash “Rash” Sayyad – Ben Tavassoli


"Rash" is a young detective learning his trade in London. A run-of-the-mill police constable when we first meet him, he quickly steps up when an opportunity to show his skills comes his way. He's keen to impress – and he knows he has what it takes.

Young British-Iranian actor Ben Tavassoli is set to lead a major new TV series for the first time. You might recognise him from Paul Abbott's Channel 4 police drama No Offence, and he's also appeared in the latest series of Silent Witness.

Stefan Kowolski – Mark Strepan


Stefan is a junior investigator at the Serious Fraud Office, who comes from Poland but has lived in London since he was eight years old. He's impulsive and, in Horowitz's words, "always one step away from losing his job", but when he meets Rash, he realises their partnership might just be a fruitful one.

More 'new blood' for BBC1, Mark Strepan comes to BBC1 for the first time in a lead role. He has also appeared in series two of Channel 4's The Mill, and featured in movie Northmen – A Viking Saga.

Eleanor Davies – Anna Chancellor


Eleanor is head of the Serious Fraud Office, who sets high standards for her team as they investigate some of the biggest companies in the City. 

Too often referred to first and foremost as the jilted bride in Four Weddings and a Funeral (there we go again), Anna Chancellor has been a consistent performer across British film and TV. From breakout hits such as BBC2's The Hour to BBC3 surprise Pramface, Chancellor has been at the centre of some of the most interesting recent dramas on TV.

Detective Sergeant Derek Sands – Mark Addy


Career copper Sands has worked all his life, but he knows in his heart this is probably as high as he will rise in the force. He's a pro on the beat, but his personal life isn't as well-organised: his wife and kids have left, and he's stuck on his own. Rash becomes his new partner, but it's not exactly a match made in heaven.

The Full Monty to Game of Thrones isn't exactly an obvious career path, but it works for Mark Addy. The British actor recently returned to his homeland for ITV Yorkshire drama Jericho, but now the man who played DC Gary Boyle in The Thin Blue Line is back behind a police desk.

Alison – Kimberly Nixon


Alison is a colleague of Stefan and Eleanor at the Serious Fraud Office.

Fresh Meat and Hebburn star Kimberley Nixon went from comedy to drama with Sky 1 medical procedural Critical. The Welsh actress made her breakthrough in the 2007 BBC1 adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's Cranford.

Detective Inspector Martin Heywood – Dorian Lough


Rash's sister Leila is a copper in her own right, and also the centre of attention when Rash's new partner Stefan comes on the scene.

Aiysha Hart was most recently seen in the third series of BBC2's Line of Duty as Steve Arnott's girlfriend and colleague DS Sam Railstone. Before that, she starred in the BBC's fantasy drama Atlantis.

Detective Inspector Martin Heywood – Dorian Lough


The senior detective in New Blood, Heywood is the one who throws Sands and raw recruit Rash together.

Dorian Lough starred in Sky1 2014 drama The Smoke, and appeared in series two of Peaky Blinders. But the actor is best known for his long-serving roles as abusive father Ray Taylor in EastEnders, and as DS Dave Satchell in long-running ITV crime drama Trial and Retribution.

Marcus Johnson – Ariyon Bakare


Ariyon Bakare is an experienced British actor who most recently (though you might not have recognised him) played Leandro the Leonian 'lion creature' in Doctor Who series nine. He also featured in BBC3 online drama Thirteen and BBC2 fantasy Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell as manservant Stephen Black. Past credits include Dancing on the Edge, Spooks and daytime drama Doctors.


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