After two years off our screens, McDonald & Dodds is back for season 4.


Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins play the titular duo, who will have more Bath crime to solve in the three new episodes on ITV1 and ITVX.

There are plenty of new and returning cast members too, with one character – played by The Crown star Victoria Hamilton – serving as a potential new love interest for Dodds.

Watkins told "Dodds fancies her a bit. He actually has a sort of dalliance, or it looks like he's heading that way, which is very unusual because he's been shut down in that respect for such a long time. There’s potential with this character."

Elsewhere, guest stars in episode 1 include an actor from Gentleman Jack, a former James Bond baddie, and a coach from The Voice Kids.

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For more information about the McDonald & Dodds cast and who they play, read on.

McDonald & Dodds season 4 cast

Below are the main stars of McDonald & Dodds season 4. Read on for more information on the actors and their characters, as well as guest stars for the new run.

  • Jason Watkins plays DS Dodds
  • Tala Gouveia plays DCI Lauren McDonald
  • Claire Skinner plays Chief Supt Ormond
  • Charlie Chambers plays DC Goldie
  • Bhavik C Pankhania plays DC Lee

Jason Watkins plays DS Dodds

Jason Watkins plays DS Dodds, standing side on
Jason Watkins plays DS Dodds. Mammoth Screen for ITV

Who is DS Dodds? Described as "shy" and "unassuming", DS Dodds has "happily languished on the shelf for most of his working life".

He's been working quietly and diligently at his desk in Bath for years without anyone taking much notice, but now his boss is hoping to push him into early retirement – so he's been paired with DCI Lauren McDonald and forced out into frontline action, which is quite a shock to the system.

However, instead of giving up and taking his pension, Dodds proves himself a talented detective with "a hidden talent for deciphering puzzles".

What else has Jason Watkins been in? Jason Watkins has had a prolific acting career across screen and stage, winning a BAFTA and bagging an Olivier nomination. He starred alongside David Tennant in the ITV crime drama Des (as Brian Masters), while international viewers might recognise him as Prime Minister Harold Wilson in season 3 of The Crown.

He's also played Roger in Hold the Sunset, Gavin in Trollied, Tim Ifield in Line of Duty, and Emlyn Hooson in A Very English Scandal, as well as starring in Channel 5 dramas Coma and The Catch.

Other major roles have included William Herrick in Being Human, Simon Harwood in W1A, and the lead role in The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies, while the actor has also been in Taboo, Our Zoo and Doctor Who.

Tala Gouveia plays DCI Lauren McDonald

Tala Gouveia plays DCI Lauren McDonald, talking on the phone
Tala Gouveia plays DCI Lauren McDonald. Mammoth Screen for ITV

Who is DCI Lauren McDonald? A "wildly ambitious" detective chief inspector transferred from the "mean streets of South London" to the quiet streets of Bath. She is young, talented, often underestimated, and is described as "a tough, driven battering ram of a cop who cracks cases through sheer force of will".

McDonald isn't initially pleased to be paired with Dodds, but the two soon form an unlikely partnership.

What else has Tala Gouveia been in? She's been in Tracey Ullman's Show, Cold Feet, Go Jetters, Arrivals, EastEnders, Plebs and Scream Street.

Claire Skinner plays Chief Supt Ormond

Claire Skinner as Ormond in police uniform looking into camera
Claire Skinner plays Chief Supt Ormond. ITV

Who is Chief Supt Ormond? Ormond is the chief superintendent, described as "contained", "private" and "tough". She's still ruffling a few feathers among the squad following her arrival, but they've largely grown accustomed to her ways.

What else has Claire Skinner been in? Skinner is best known for her role as Sue Brockman in Outnumbered, but has also appeared in Doctor Who, Ted Lasso, Midsomer Murders and Bridget Jones's Diary, among many other roles.

Charlie Chambers plays DC Goldie

Charlie Chambers plays DC Goldie, standing next to a private plane
Charlie Chambers plays DC Goldie. Mammoth Screen for ITV

Who is DC Goldie? He works alongside McDonald and Dodds.

What else has Charlie Chambers been in? He's best known for EastEnders.

Bhavik C Pankhania plays DC Lee

Close up of Bhavik C Pankhania as DC Lee in a black jacket, grey T-shirt
Bhavik C Pankhania plays DC Lee. Mammoth Screen for ITV

Who is DC Lee? The newest member of McDonald and Dodds' team.

What is Bhavik C Pankhania been in? He appeared in BBC war drama World on Fire.

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McDonald & Dodds season 4 guest stars

Episode 1 - The Rule of Three

Pixie Lott plays Lola Baker

Pixie Lott as Lola Baker, standing in a garden, wearing a white top
Pixie Lott plays Lola Baker. Mammoth Screen for ITV

Who is Lola Baker? A woman who is arrested for the murder of her own mother.

What else has Pixie Lott been in? Lott is a singer-songwriter who has appeared on The Voice Kids.

Dipo Ola plays Cal Baker

Dipo Ola plays Cal Baker, standing in a garden.
Dipo Ola plays Cal Baker. Mammoth Screen for ITV

Who is Cal Baker? Lola's husband. His business is failing.

What else has Dipo Ola been in? His credits include crime thriller We Hunt Together and Sky Atlantic true crime drama Landscapers.

Daniel Lapaine plays Brad Coleman

Daniel Lapaine plays Brad Coleman, standing in front of a house with his arms crossed
Daniel Lapaine plays Brad Coleman. Mammoth Screen for ITV

Who is Brad Coleman? Lola's stepfather and an antiques dealer. He's been in trouble with the law before.

What else has Daniel Lapaine been in? You might have watched him in Channel 4 comedy Catastrophe, ITV drama The Durrells and Tim Minchin’s Upright.

John Gordon Sinclair plays Nevis McLintock

John Gordon Sinclair plays Nevis McLintock, stood by a garden gate
John Gordon Sinclair plays Nevis McLintock. Mammoth Screen for ITV

Who is Nevis McLintock? A tree surgeon who is questioned by the police.

What else has John Gordon Sinclair been in? You might know him from romcom Gregory's Girl, crime drama Traces, BBC comedy Nelson's Column and sitcom Loved by You.

Toby Stephens plays Mark Holgate

Toby Stephens plays Mark Holgate, standing outside
Toby Stephens plays Mark Holgate. Mammoth Screen for ITV

Who is Mark Holgate? He works in wealth management. His sister disappeared 30 years ago.

What else has Toby Stephens been in? His CV includes sci-fi series Lost in Space, historical adventure series Black Sails and Die Another Day.

Lydia Leonard plays Lucy Holgate

Lydia Leonard plays Lucy Holgate, standing outside
Lydia Leonard plays Lucy Holgate. Mammoth Screen for ITV

Who is Lucy Holgate? Mark's wife. Family is everything to her.

What else has Lydia Leonard been in? Her credits include thriller Absentia, spy drama Red Election, comedy Ten Percent, ITV drama Flesh and Blood, Sally Wainwright’s Gentleman Jack and Netflix royal drama The Crown.

Additional cast includes:

  • Ace Bhatti (Line of Duty) as George Sharma - Lucy's lawyer.
  • Rico Canadinhas (Deep Water) as Luke Hegarty - his mother is murdered.

McDonald & Dodds returns at 8pm on Sunday 21st July on ITV1 and ITVX. Seasons 1-3 are available to watch now on ITVX.


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