Jamie Dornan has teased “we’ll see” about the prospect of The Tourist season 2.


The actor from Northern Ireland has found new acclaim for his work on the BBC thriller series The Tourist, which follows an amnesiac dubbed The Man (Dornan) who seeks to discover the truth about his identity and why someone ran him off of a road in the Australian outback.

The Tourist cast filmed the series in the Australian outback, with the twisty series building to a dramatic ending, but is that truly the end of the show?

Speaking to RadioTimes.com to discuss his appearance in the new film Belfast from director Sir Kenneth Branagh, Dornan was asked about his thoughts on a potential second run to his hit BBC drama series The Tourist.

“The plan was always for it to be a one-off,” explained Dornan.

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“I guess it's a little bit open-ended with the end, people still have questions.

“Obviously we had good plans for it, wanted it, but the response to it, as you know, has been insane and the amount of people [who have] watched it, and the love for it is very real.”

However, Dornan teased that the scope for a second run depended on the creators Harry and Jack Williams and also whether there is an audience desire for more.

The actor noted: “I saw something the other day that they said that there's talk of... they'd be looking into how they could do a second series of it if there is a want, and it seems there is a want.

“So who knows, the plan was only ever to play The Man once, but we'll see.”

The Tourist star Jamie Dornan
The Tourist star Jamie Dornan has teased "we'll see" if there is a second run BBC

Harry Williams previously told RadioTimes.com: "I would love to make this show again with these people. I'm not entirely sure it's possible. I love the tone, I love the world. It's been our lives for three years and we've been very, very involved with it, more so than any other show.

"We've loved every minute. Normally you're sick of it by this point having watched 900 cuts of one episode but I still love it and I'd love to do it again."

Dornan was clear, however, that he has been delighted by how well the series has been received.

The actor said: “It's a very cool thing that people have taken to that show so much because it's a wacky story that for people to have embraced it the way they have has been class.”


The Tourist is available now on BBC iPlayer. Belfast is released in UK cinemas on Friday 21st January 2022. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our TV Guide or visit our Drama hub for more news, interviews and features.