Everyone's favourite daytime crime drama, Father Brown, has officially begun filming its 12th season – but that's not the only good news in store for the BBC series.


Not only can fans rest easy in the fact that Father Brown will soon be back on our screens with season 12 episodes, but it has also now been announced that the series has been renewed for season 13.

So, there's plenty more in store for Mark Williams's Father Brown, the beloved titular clergyman who is based on the classic character created by GK Chesterton.

Williams will, of course, be reprising his role as Father Brown, and will also be joined by Tom Chambers as Chief Inspector Sullivan, Claudie Blakley as Mrs Devine, Ruby-May Martinwood as Brenda and John Burton as Sergeant Goodfellow, who are all reprising their roles for season 12.

On the announcement of the start of season 12 filming, Williams said: "As we start the 12th season of Father Brown, I feel like I’m starting to get to know him. He’s a mysterious sort of bloke, the sort of person who you can never predict other than knowing he won’t do what you expect.

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"The best thing about playing the character is that I am never, ever bored by him."

The cast of Father Brown pose on the steps of a country house
Father Brown. BBC Studios/Gary Moyes

And with the happy news of the season 13 renewal, Neil Irvine, executive producer for BBC Studios Drama Productions, said: "I’m delighted that Father Brown will be cycling back onto our screens for a further two series.

"The show has an enduring magic which has captured the imagination of viewers across the globe - a testament to Mark’s magnetic performance, compelling storytelling and our talented Midlands crew.

"Series 12 will introduce Father Brown’s biggest fan, amateur playwright Father Lindsey, and a deadly new nemesis, alongside the return of some old favourites."

There's plenty to look forward to in the 12th season of the cosy crime drama, as according to the synopsis: "Following the exciting proposal at the end of series 11, the sleepy village of Kembleford is abuzz with good news, as Mrs Devine (Claudie Blakley) and Chief Inspector Sullivan (Tom Chambers) look forward to their upcoming wedding.

"But when a surprise visit from the father of the groom quickly throws preparations into turmoil, will they even make it to the church?"

The synopsis continues: "With a medieval death at a Tudor battle reenactment, Mrs Devine finding herself accused of murder, Sergeant Goodfellow’s professional future thrown into question and Brenda ballroom dancing on national television, Father Brown and the gang are busier than ever.

"And when a cardinal from the Vatican arrives with a top-secret mission for Father Brown, the priest must request the help of his old adversary Flambeau, while a new nemesis lurks in the shadows…"

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The season has followed its intended schedule of being filmed this April, as previously revealed, and will air early next year.

It's also great (but expected) news that Williams will be reprising his role as Father Brown. Naturally, with so many seasons under his belt, some fans could've wondered whether or not Williams would be stepping away from the role.

But when speaking about whether he thought of the future of his time on the show, Williams admitted (via What to Watch): "I don’t really do that. I think it's bad for the soul. In this business, planning for the future is an extremely dangerous preoccupation. You have only got one job at a time.

"You never know whether you're going to work again, which is one of the cruelties of this business, along with rejection. Which is why it's amazing that so many people do it year after year in the face of these terrible setbacks and unemployment!"

Father Brown is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.


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