Netflix's latest thriller Eric boasts a strong cast led by Benedict Cumberbatch, who stars as puppeteer and children's show creator Vincent Anderson.


When Vincent's young son Edgar goes missing, Vincent becomes convinced that the answers lie in his son’s sketches of a blue puppet called Eric (voiced by Cumberbatch), which he believes will entice Edgar home if he can put it on TV.

Alongside Cumberbatch, McKinley Belcher III appears as Michael Ledroit, a detective investigating the disappearance of another missing child.

Wondering who else stars in the series? Scroll on to find out more about the cast of Netflix's Eric.

Eric cast: Full list of actors and characters in Netflix drama

The full list of actors in the new Netflix series is as follows, but scroll on to find out more about their characters and where you've seen the actors previously.

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  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent Anderson
  • Gaby Hoffmann as Cassie Anderson
  • McKinley Belcher III as Detective Michael Ledroit
  • Dan Fogler as Lennie Wilson
  • Clarke Peters as George Lovett
  • Ivan Howe as Edgar Anderson
  • Phoebe Nicholls as Anne Anderson
  • John Doman as Robert Anderson
  • David Denman as Matteo Cripp
  • Bamar Kane as Yuusuf Egbe
  • Adepero Oduye as Cecile Rochelle
  • Alexis Molnar as Raya
  • Roberta Colindrez as Ronnie
  • Jeff Hephner as Richard Costello
  • David Denman as Cripp
  • Bamar Kane as Yuusuf
  • Wade Allain-Marcus as Gator
  • Erika Soto as Tina
  • Donald Sage Mackay as Jerry
  • Chloe Claudel as Ellis
  • Adam Silver as Murray
  • Simon Manyonda as Jackson
  • Ioachim Ciobanu as Misha
  • Ryan Hunter as Nokes
  • Stefan Race as TJ

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Vincent Anderson

Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent in Eric. The monster, Eric, looms behind him
Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent in Eric. Netflix

Who is Vincent Anderson? Vincent is a puppeteer and creator of the popular children's show Good Day Sunshine. He is battling his own demons, vices and a complicated family history – which is brought back up when his son Edgar goes missing.

Speaking about voicing Eric, the puppet that Vincent creates to entice his son home, Cumberbatch told "To voice him was just a joy, to just play with it in post [production] as much as we could.

"Experiment with how present he is, how much of a shadow or shadow-self he is, for want of a better term. You know, just out of shot, a voice or a presence.

Where have I seen Benedict Cumberbatch before? In Eric, Cumberbatch plays the role of Vincent and also voices Eric, who is brought to life by professional puppeteer Olly Taylor. Cumberbatch is known for a variety of roles over the years, including fronting BBC's Sherlock, Patrick Melrose and also receiving Oscar nominations for his film roles in The Power of the Dog and The Imitation Game. He is also known for his role as Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

McKinley Belcher III plays Detective Michael Ledroit

McKinley Belcher III as Ledroit sitting at a table in a police station interrogation room with a stern look on his face.
McKinley Belcher III as Ledroit in Eric. Netflix

Who is Detective Michael Ledroit? Ledroit previously worked in the NYPD vice squad but has moved over to the missing persons team. He is intent on getting to the bottom of what is happening at the Lux nightclub, as well as investigating the missing cases of both Edgar and Marlon. But Ledroit is also hiding a major part of his personal life, leading to him having to make a decision between protecting it or solving the case.

Where have I seen McKinley Belcher III before? Belcher is no stranger to playing an officer, as he is best known for his role as FBI agent Trevor Evans in Netflix's Ozark. He is also known for his starring roles in Mercy Street, The Passage and The Good Lord Bird.

Gaby Hoffmann plays Cassie Anderson

Gaby Hoffman as Cassie in Eric.
Gaby Hoffman as Cassie in Eric. Netflix

Who is Cassie Anderson? Cassie is Edgar's mother and Vincent's wife, but Edgar's disappearance only highlights the cracks in her and Vincent's relationship. She is intent on finding her son and is sleepless as she hands out flyers to bring attention to the case.

Where have I seen Gaby Hoffmann before? Hoffmann is perhaps best known to TV viewers for her role in Girls, Louie and Transparent. She has also starred in C'mon, C'mon, Wild and Obvious Child.

Dan Fogler plays Lennie Wilson

Dan Fogler as Lennie standing in Vincent's apartment wearing a denim shirt and surrounded by drawings and artwork.
Dan Fogler as Lennie in Eric. Netflix

Who is Lennie Wilson? Vincent's oldest friend and Good Day Sunshine co-creator, Lennie is usually the voice of reason at work. But with new job opportunities on the horizon, he is pushed to make some decisions without Vincent.

Where have I seen Dan Fogler before? The actor, comedian and writer is known for his roles in The Walking Dead, Secrets and Lies and The Offer. He has also lent his voice to roles in Kung Fu Panda, Horton Hears a Who! and Mars Needs Moms.

Clarke Peters plays George Lovett

George Lovett as Clarke in Eric.
George Lovett as Clarke in Eric. Netflix

Who is George Lovett? George is the superintendent of the building in which the Anderson family lives, and often allows Edgar into his apartment to escape the chaos of his parents. George is a bit of a mystery but is well-meaning and kind.

Where have I seen Clarke Peters before? Peters is perhaps known for his role as Lester Freamon in The Wire, and has more recently been on our screens in Channel 4's Truelove. Among his various on screen roles, Peters has also starred in The Man Who Fell to Earth, Jessica Jones, Harriet, Da 5 Bloods and more.

Ivan Howe plays Edgar Anderson

Ivan Howe as Edgar in Eric wearing a Good Day Sunshine t-shirt and walking down a street holding a red jacket and blue bag.
Ivan Howe as Edgar in Eric. Netflix

Who is Edgar Anderson? Edgar is the son of Vincent and Cassie, and often distracts himself with drawing in the midst of his parents' explosive arguments. He is a bit of a lone wolf, and on his way to school one day, disappears.

Where have I seen Ivan Howe before? A young newcomer to the world of acting, Eric is Howe's first on screen role.

John Doman as Robert Anderson

John Doman as Robert in Eric sitting in the back of a luxury car and wearing a suit, looking to the side with confusion.
John Doman as Robert in Eric. Netflix

Who is Robert Anderson? Robert is Vincent's father, and is one of the most successful and well-known property tycoons in New York.

Where have I seen John Doman before? Doman is known for his roles in The Wire, ER, Oz and Borgia, as well as The Affair, City On a Hill and Birdgirl.

Phoebe Nicholls as Anne Anderson

Phoebe Nicholls as Anne standing in the middle of her living room and looking angry, wearing a white shirt.
Phoebe Nicholls as Anne in Eric. Netflix

Who is Anne Anderson? Anne is Robert's wife and Vincent's mother. She is shocked to learn of Edgar's disappearance, and with her husband, offers a cash reward for any information.

Where have I seen Phoebe Nicholls before? The English actress is known for her roles in Brideshead Revisited and The Elephant Man, as well as various stage roles throughout the years. In terms of TV, Nicholls has also featured in Downton Abbey, Fortitude, Anatomy of a Scandal and Spooks.

Bamar Kane as Yuusuf Egbe

Bamar Kane as Yuusuf and Alexis Molnar as Raya in Eric standing in the underground tunnel and looking surprised at something in the distance.
Bamar Kane as Yuusuf and Alexis Molnar as Raya in Eric. Netflix

Who is Yuusuf Egbe? Yuusuf is a homeless graffiti artist who lives in one of the underground tunnels in New York.

Where have I seen Bamar Kane before? Kane has starred in French TV series Le Monde de Demain and films like Father & Soldier.

Adepero Oduye as Cecile Rochelle

Adepero Oduye as Cecile in Eric.
Adepero Oduye as Cecile in Eric. Netflix

Who is Cecile Rochelle? Cecile is the mother of Marlon, the missing 14-year-old whose case isn't getting as much media attention as Edgar's. She is intent on finding out what happened to her son but has lost hope that he is alive.

Where have I seen Adepero Oduye before? Oduye has starred in Steel Magnolias, Widows, The Big Short, The Falcon and the Winter Solider and When They See Us.

Jeff Hephner as Costello

Jeff Hephner as Costello in Eric standing outside in a suit and coat and being surrounded by paparazzi.
Jeff Hephner as Costello in Eric. Netflix

Who is Richard Costello? Costello is the deputy mayor of New York City and is fronting a new campaign to combat homelessness, which many deem as a 'clean-up'.

Where have I seen Jeff Hephner before? Hephner is best known for his role as Jeff Clarke in Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. He has also starred in For All Mankind, Power Book II: Ghost and appeared in 2023's Oppenheimer.

David Denman as Matteo Cripp

David Denman as Cripp in Eric standing in a mayoral office with a United States flag in the background, wearing a suit and talking to a stranger while looking stressed.
David Denman as Cripp in Eric. Netflix

Who is Matteo Cripp? Cripp is Ledroit's boss, and while he looks out for him initially, he's not a fan of the determination (and suspicions of corruption) that Ledroit brings to the job and the missing cases he's in charge of.

Where have I seen David Denman before? For fans of The Office, Denman will be most recognisable as Pam's ex Roy Anderson, but he has also starred in HBO's Mare of Easttown, Bosch: Legacy and The Serpent Queen.

Wade Allain-Marcus as Gator

Wade Allain-Marcus as Gator in Eric wearing a suit jacket and shirt, leaning against a bar in a dimly lit underground nightclub.
Wade Allain-Marcus as Gator in Eric. Netflix

Who is Gator? Gator is the owner of The Lux and has just returned to the city after a stint in prison.

Where have I seen Wade Allain-Marcus before? Allain-Marcus is best known for his role in Insecure as Derek DuBois, but has also had roles in Snowfall, Grown-ish and Gossip Girl.

Eric is available to stream on Netflix now. Sign up for Netflix from £4.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.


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