The Couple Next Door, a new Channel 4 thriller which kicked off tonight (Monday 27th November), sees Outlander star Sam Heughan incorporate his real-life passion for motorbikes.


He plays Danny, a traffic cop who is often out and about on his two-wheeler – and he even gives new neighbour Evie (Eleanor Tomlinson) a spin in the first episode.

When the two characters first meet one another, there's an instant attraction, which continues to build across the six episodes. Sat on the back of his bike, her arms tightening around his torso, it's the closest they've physically been since their initial introduction and the sexual tension is palpable.

"One of the initial reasons I wanted to do this was because of the character, who's so interesting," Heughan told, adding: "And also part of it was I'm a keen motorcyclist and to play a traffic cop was really exciting, to get in all the gear.

"And we have this great moment where Danny takes Evie out on the bike and I think for her, it's about freedom, about experiencing something she's never experienced before. And for him, he enjoys showing her that and guiding her.

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"We enjoyed shooting that. We were shooting in Belgium mostly, but this was actually in the Netherlands, that scene. And I did all the riding myself. It was good fun."

Sam Heughan as Danny and Eleanor Tomlinson as Evie in The Couple Next Door
Sam Heughan as Danny and Eleanor Tomlinson as Evie in The Couple Next Door. Channel 4

This was also echoed by Tomlinson, who said: "It was very exciting, it was great."

She added: "Sam is a seasoned motor biker, so I felt very safe and secure. And it's a great moment in the show between their characters because you realise that there is a real draw and a pull between them, and the exploration of that, we worked very hard as a cast to plot exactly when that happens so that there's a great build up, and it keeps the audience wanting more.

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"It's an addictive series and it's enticing because of that. And you want to get on to the next episode to see what will happen between any of them."

The Couple Next Door revolves around the two married couples – Evie and Pete (Alfred Enoch), and Danny and Becka (Jessica De Gouw), who strike up a friendship when the former moves to their picturesque suburban cul-de-sac.

But "as time goes on, they get increasingly close to each other and one fateful night, they become sexually entangled in a way that will change their lives forever".

The Couple Next Door airs on Channel 4 in the UK from Monday 27th November, and on STARZ in the US in 2024. If you're looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide and Streaming Guide or visit our Drama hub for more news and features.


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