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Broadchurch: who are the suspects?

Five episodes in and Miller and Hardy are building up a picture of the attacker...

Published: Friday, 22nd December 2017 at 10:07 am

Broadchurch series three has returned with a gripping new case, with local resident Trish Winterman (Julie Hesmondhalgh) the victim of a horrific attack.


As we reach the final episode, we look at the suspects. SPOILERS follow.

Ian Winterman (played by Charlie Higson)

Ian started out as Broadchurch's most obvious suspect – and so naturally we dismissed any chance of him actually committing the crime. But over the course of the series he's gone from "easy to rule out" to someone altogether more sinister...

Let's examine the evidence. Firstly, we know the story he fed the police was a pack of lies (and frankly we're concerned it's taking them so long to figure that out). He claims he had too much tequila and blanked out, unable to account for his whereabouts during the time Trish was attacked. He's also refused that DNA sample and was clearly concerned enough about that heap of dirty clothes he was wearing to give them a timely wash.

And then it emerged that he'd installed spyware on Trish's laptop so he could keep an eye on the ex-wife he's still more than a little obsessed with. He's clearly keen to reconcile but Trish appears to have moved on – could his desire have overpowered him on the night of Cath's party?

There's just one piece of the puzzle that doesn't fit: Trish claims she could smell vodka on her attacker's breath – could Ian's penchant for tequila get him off the hook?


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