With All Creatures Great and Small now having aired its Christmas special for 2023, fans will naturally be wondering if they will get to see James, Helen and the rest of their favourites at Skeldale House again in a fifth season of the show.


While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, it certainly seems that the cast would be up for returning, based on comments made when they spoke with RadioTimes.com and other press ahead of the Christmas special.

When asked whether they would be interested in another season, Mrs Hall star Anna Madeley said: "I think there's loads of stories aren’t there, that are still fantastic to tell."

Meanwhile, Siegfried Farnon star Samuel West added: "I think we're all still having a very nice time. And there's lots and lots of things that we would still love to film. We seem to have made our home in the Dales now, they're getting on with us better, aren’t they?"

Nicholas Ralph responded saying that the Yorkshire Dales are "our home away from home now".

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Nicholas Ralph and Rachel Shenton in All Creatures Great and Small, standing together, smiling into camera
Nicholas Ralph and Rachel Shenton in All Creatures Great and Small. Channel 5

The Channel 5 series, which is based on the series of books written by Alf Wight under the pen name James Herriot, has now been airing since 2020, with fans having now seen four seasons and four Christmas specials.

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Earlier this year, as the series was awarded the Stress Buster Award at the Radio Times Screen Test Awards 2023, writer and creator Ben Vanstone explained what he thinks the appeal of the show is.

Vanstone said: "I think, and I'd hope, it's the humanity in it. I think that its values are about kindness, and about coming together. And I also think that it deliberately eschews huge dramatic stakes sometimes – the very small things become very big, which I think is relatable for most people.

"I don't think everyone's in life and death situations everyday, but they might have a problem with their pet, and we find our stories operate in that space rather than high drama. And, you know, there's obviously space for all of that in the TV landscape, but we're really happy to be telling stories about people and a community with heart and kindness."

You can watch all episodes of All Creatures Great and Small, including this year's Christmas special, on My5. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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