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9 unanswered questions we have after the last episode of BBC3's Clique

First things first, what on earth just happened?

Clique Series 1 - BBC
Published: Sunday, 9th April 2017 at 10:00 am

BBC3's university drama Clique came to a thrilling end this weekend as Holly McStay finally discovered what had been going on at Solasta finance, and uncovered the truth about the death of intern Fay Brookstone.


In a nail-biting finale episode, the student was driven to the edge by an old friend - and very nearly forced to commit murder.

Luckily for her, the formerly abrasive Jude McDermid arrived just in time to save the day, and Holly and her friends lived happily ever after. Or did they?

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You see there were a few loose ends that weren't quite tied up, and we've got some questions that still need answering...

1. Who is Rachel Maddox? And who is Millie?


Millie was one of the gang of friends Holly hung around with when she was 11 years old. Millie seemed to be Holly’s closest friend in the group, and was spotted drawing hearts on her best pal’s arm in flashbacks.

Millie seemed a tiny bit obsessed with her best pal, recalling how she seemed “so powerful” and explaining how she made her realise she wasn’t alone in the world.

After little Lisa died as a result of Holly and Millie’s prank, Millie was sent away to live with her father and Holly never saw her again.

Until she came to Edinburgh University, disguised as student Rachel Maddox, that is.

2. Why was Millie pretending to be someone else?

She changed her name and fabricated her backstory, but why? Surely her antics as an 11-year-old weren’t going to follow her?

Had she done something worse before coming to university?

3. How did Millie and Holly both end up at Edinburgh University? 


Seriously, from the way Millie’s speaking it sounds as though she engineered the whole thing, and laid out Holly’s whole path to university. That couldn’t be possible – right?

We’re guessing Millie didn’t realise Holly was coming until she arrived, and as soon as she saw her former best pal she set her plan in motion to kill Fay.

Anything else seems just too far-fetched to fathom.

4. Why did Rachel/Millie kill Fay? 


Millie thought killing Fay might jog Holly’s memory of Lisa’s death and bring her back to her old self, apparently.

It didn’t work though, and Millie says that’s because they weren’t together. “I think we need to be together when they die” she tells Holly.

Not at all creepy, that.

5. What happened to Alastair? 


We know Millie/Rachel framed Alastair for Rory’s murder, and that the police found all the documents linking him to Florian Hemlinger’s crimes at the scene, but what actually became of the Solasta boss?

We don’t see him in the flashforward so we can only assume he ended up in prison. Or perhaps he managed to worm his way out of a rather dodgy situation once Rachel’s true identity was revealed?

6. Did the police catch up with Florian Hemlinger aka Lukas Steiner?


They had all the evidence they needed to prove Steiner was the man they’d been looking for, but did he manage to escape Scotland before they could nab him?

Holly and co seem pretty chilled in the flashforward, so we’re going to assume Hemlinger’s reign of terror had come to an end.

7. Can Holly and Georgia’s friendship survive?


If there was one thing that was abundantly clear from episode one on, it was that Georgia and Holly’s friendship was on rocky ground.

By the time we catch up with them in the present day the pair don’t seem as close, but they’re not exactly frosty with each other either. Georgia’s back at university and taking on a new course, while Holly’s living with the girls and Elizabeth in a new house.

Their last exchange seems hopeful, so perhaps the pair can start over?

8. Will Jude get her job back?


When the truth about Alastair’s inappropriate behaviour with the girls is revealed, Jude’s boss doesn’t take long to call her in and fire her for guilt by association.

“Come back to work, professor,” Holly tells her when she bumps into her in the park. But will Jude be able to?

9. What will Holly and Millie do next? 

Synnove Karlsen as Holly in Clique Series 1

The final exchange between Holly and Millie/Rachel is brief but VERY charged. The pair exchange hellos and smile at each other before the screen fades to black.

Does this mean they’re ready to close the door on their past? Or could it hint that the pair are ready to unleash hell?

Bonus Question: Will Clique get a second series?

We asked the BBC. Here's what they had to say.


Clique is available to stream on BBC3


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