After 13 Reasons Why’s whirlwind first season, many viewers were left wondering how the hit Netflix show would continue on after the tapes.


The solution seems to be an influx of fresh faces who will undoubtedly bring with them new storylines. Chloe, played by Anne Winters, is among this list of newbies.

Find out more about the new actress below.

Who is Chloe?

Chloe and Jessica in 13 Reasons Why season 2 (Netflix)

Chloe is described by Netflix as being Liberty High’s “It girl” and new head cheerleader. Though not technically a series regular, Winters appears regularly in season two as it's revealed she is Bryce's boyfriend in the new episodes.

With cheerleader Jessica returning to school following her sexual assault in season one at the hands of Bryce, the pair are set to come together. But will Chloe believe what Jessica has to say about her boyfriend?

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Twenty-three-year-old actress Anne Winters spoke to Flare about her character, stating that she “will be involved in a lot of drama, that’s for sure.”

Who is Anne Winters?

Winters is no stranger to Netflix, playing Holly in the on demand movie #REALITYHIGH.

13 Reasons Why season 2 star Anne Winters (Getty)

She has also previously appeared in episodes of TV series such as The Fosters, Wicked City and Tyrant, and has also won a Daytime Emmy for her role in the show Zac and Mia.


After 13 Reasons Why, she seems to be transitioning to the big screen, with upcoming credits including Kevin Hart comedy Night School.