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Meet the cast of BBC comedy The Young Offenders

The Irish comedy tells the tale of two teenage tearaways, but who are they? And who are their friends and families?

The Young Offenders BBC
Published: Thursday, 1st March 2018 at 2:50 pm

The Young Offenders began life as a film about two teenage tearaways from the Irish county of Cork who cycled 100 miles in the hopes of making a quick killing with a haul of cocaine that had been washed up on a beach.


First-time writer/director Peter Foott's offering made quite the impression, so a spin-off TV series was commissioned and now it's finally hit our screens.

Written and directed by Foott, the series follows the coming of age adventures of lovable rogues Conor and Jock as they navigate their awkward teenage years, hatching plans and adventures to help distract from their tough home lives and their inability to stay out of trouble at school.

Who are Conor and Jock, though? It's time to meet the cast...

Conor MacSweeney – Alex Murphy

Young Offenders Alex Murphy is Connor MacSweeney

Narrator Conor hero worships his best pal, Jock, and gets into all manner of scrapes with him. He lives with his tough as nails mum, Mairead MacSweeney, who spends most of her time trying to keep her kind-hearted boy out of trouble.

Newcomer Alex Murphy reprises his role from the 2016 film, stepping into Conor's shoes once again for the TV series.

Jock O’Keefe – Chris Walley

Young Offenders Chris Walley is Jock O'Keefe

Jock is the embodiment of the loveable rogue and lives to torment local police officer Sergeant Healy. He's always cooking up a plan, and can convince trusty sidekick Conor to do almost anything.

Walley, like his co-star Murphy, got his big break in The Young Offenders and reprises his movie role for the TV series.

Sergeant Healy – Dominic MacHale

Dominic MacHale is Sergeant Tony Healy

Local police officer Sergeant Healy has it in for bicycle thieves Jock and Conor, but he's having a spot of bother when it comes to actually catching them in the act...

Dominic MacHale reprises his role from The Young Offenders, hopping on Sargeant Healy's bicycle once again.

Siobhan Walsh – Jennifer Barry

Young Offenders Jennifer Barry is Siobhan Walsh

Sassy Siobhan takes no nonsense from Jock and Connor and together with her sister, Linda, proves something of a weakness for the boys. Oh, and she lives to torment her father, Principal Barry Walsh, too.

Newcomer Jennifer Barry is still at school and auditioned for her role via YouTube.

Linda Walsh – Demi Isaac Oviawe

Young Offenders Demi Isaac Oviawe is Linda Walsh

Siobhan's sister Linda isn't easily impressed, but she's definitely the sweeter of the Walsh siblings

Demi Isaac Oviawe is a newcomer on the acting scene and, just like Jennifer Barry, auditioned for her role online.

Mairead McSweeney – Hilary Rose

Young Offenders Hilary Rose is

Fishmonger Mairead had son Conor when she was only 16 and is raising him alone in their Cork home. She does her best to keep him on the straight and narrow, but she's got a mischievous streak herself too.

Comedian and actress Hilary Rose is a well-known face on Irish TV screens thanks to roles on The Republic of Telly, The Fear and The Centre. She played Mairead in the feature film too.

Principal Barry Walsh – PJ Gallagher

Young Offenders PJ Gallagher is Barry Walsh

Jock and Conor are the banes of Barry Walsh's life, so when he sees the pair making a beeline for his daughters he's not a very happy man...

Irish comedian PJ Gallagher has starred in numerous comedy series on Irish TV, but he's best known for his hidden camera series, Naked Camera, and Channel 4's Trojan Donkey. He played a drug dealer in the Young Offenders film.

Billy Murphy – Shane Casey

Young Offenders Shane Casey is Billy Murphy

When Jock's not tormenting the local police he's riling up Billy Murphy, a Cork native with a rather interesting disposition...

Orla Walsh - Orla Fitzgerald

Orla Fitzgerald is Orla Walsh (BBC)

Orla is much more laid back than her husband, Barry, and can't see the harm in allowing their daughters to hang around with Conor and Jock...


The full third series of The Young Offenders is available now on BBC iPlayer and the series also premieres on BBC One on Friday nights at 9.30pm


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